If you haven’t been to New York City before, it should be on your bucket list. I’ve held it down in most major cities in the world and have to say that the Big Apple is easily the most intense. It is so multi-cultural that you feel as if it is a bl [ … ]

If your car didn't come the way you wanted it, feel free to take it to the next level. Here Bam and Billy Idol modify the Gallardo to have a sunroof option. Image is property of its respective owners.


I am no engineer but I know a few things about functional design. Since I have a degree in Architecture (and too many engineering courses) there was always one underlying theme when designing buildings; design for how people will use the space. [ … ]



Like most of us, I have a bit of a problem with video gaming. I mean it seems innocent enough but seriously the games of today are so engaging it is really hard to put them down and can interfere with oh I dunno, life, hygiene and other necessit [ … ]


Call me old school but all this electric, hybrid and alt fuels business gives me a headache. If you want to go green and sacrifice your driving please (or just plain don’t care) be my guest but the chances are you aren’t reading my blog anyway. Tho [ … ]



It is that time of year again when the automakers roll out the red carpet and spoil journalists so that they will say nice things about them. Kidding of course because in truth, the glam of the Autoshow circuits don’t mean a whole lot to us sinc [ … ]



I’m sure everyone in this game would jump at the chance to modify a new car for an OEM. Especially when you make all the decisions and have a budget to work with.  But before you get too amped up, just remember at PASMAG we get offered them all [ … ]

The BMW S-Drive35iS was technologically advanced with a great pwoerplant and transmission. But we had to wonder with a curbweight of almost 3600lbs doesn't that defeat the purpose of a 2-seater? The aftermarket needs lightweight parts for this car!


One of the perks in this job is having access to the latest new cars in the press fleet. While some are truly memorable experiences like the GT-R, R8 and Viper ACR, there are others that have me itching to get back into the comfort of my 7-serie [ … ]

While SEMA may be plagued with pot-belly, beer-swilling old men clad in NASCAR tees and jean shorts, MPMC is only for industry professionals. Held at the Embassy Suites near LAX, format is far less chaotic and is a structured in a 30-minute conversation format, kind-like speed dating.

Each year we spend a couple months trying to pick up the pieces after SEMA to figure what just happened. There is so much going on at the massive trade show, there is no chance you are going to see it all. With over 50 scheduled meetings and a few [ … ]

An R8, this ain't! Why won't this trend die?

It is that time of year when all of us look to Tokyo Auto Salon for guidance on what is hip in the Sport Compact world from the sick to the disgusting. SEMA has some of the World’s most outstanding builds in the 1 million sq. ft. monstrosity that is [ … ]

Like most of us, the staff here just wants winter to end, so they can get their rides out of storage or bolt their summer wheels back on and tear it up.


Here we are in the middle of winter and the end seems so far away. Unless you are in the deep south it basically sucks. But this year even many sunny States have been slammed with freezing temperatures and even snow in SoCal and Florida. And sin [ … ]