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Don’t skimp on the things that allow your system to sound its best, make it all Memphis. Memphis Car Audio connections, power kits and RCA cables were truly designed to enhance your listening experience. Memphis power wires feature M-Flex Soft PVC and are available in sizes up to 0 gauge. Brass pieces feature nickel-plating for increased power transfer and RCA’s are available in a frosted orange or black frosted translucent color. Memphis Car Audio connections have a higher strand count for maximum conductivity.

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Rockford Fosgate IBeam

The first time I ever really understood about serious bass was way back in 1975 when I went to see Pink Floyd on their “Wish You Were Here” tour. As I watched the concert about…
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Blinder Announces New Model HP-905 Compact Family

Model HP-905 Compact family - Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Sensors; offer the smallest and most effective laser defense system available. Sensors are 30% to 50% smaller than the competition; hybrid design with ultra-sensitive detection…
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KICKER Performance Audio Delivers the Extra Kick in the Ford Fiesta

KICKER Performance Audio collaborates with Ford Motor Company on a second platform, Ford Fiesta New audio system upgrade delivers renowned KICKER performance, beginning early Summer, 2013 at participating Ford dealerships and Ford Genuine Parts stores…
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