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Subwoofer Buyer's Guide - 2011
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Boston Acoustics G3 Subwoofers

Designed to excel in a variety of applications, Boston Acoustics’ G3 subwoofers feature great sensitivity that allows them to play loud and deep even with moderate power amplifiers. The G3 subs utilize Boston’s patented RadialVent cooling, SureSet fuse protection, and robust 2.5- inch voice coils to offer exceptional power handling and reliability compared to conventional designs. Extremely versatile, G3 subs work well in small sealed or ported enclosures, even in infinite baffle applications to deliver great sound quality and output. Providing the reliability of SPS (Soft Part System) at an unprecedented price point, the G3 subs offer the superior performance and flexibility that have made Boston famous! Boston Acoustics can be found on the web at or



Sony XS-LD126P5

Sony’s powerful XS-LD126P5 dual voice coil subwoofer is the ideal complement to any high performance amplifier. Featuring a sleek new design, it provides total flexibility at an affordable price. The XS-LD126P5 has dual 4-Ohm voice coils and a peak power rating of 1,500 Watts (400 Watts RMS). The low mass DVC design allows it to reproduce solid, deep and powerful bass, from even the tightest spaces. Additionally, the sub features a rigid new P5 design and gold plated 5-way binding posts. For those who seek performance without sacrificing style, the composite woven cone is built with mica-reinforced glass fiber and has the Xplod logo laser etched into the center. For more information, visit or


Pioneer Champion Subwoofers

Pioneer’s new Champion series TS-W309S4 12-inch subwoofer delivers bass with extreme precision and clarity. With its large seamless IMPP composite cone that is 14 percent larger in surface area than the previous generation, this subwoofer delivers higher sound pressure levels with less distortion. The subwoofer also features a Dual-layer Elastic Polymer Surround, a four-layer copper voice coil with an aluminum former, higher power handling and increased reliability. The Champion series subwoofers are also available in 10-inch and in dual 4-Ohm voice coil versions. For more information on the TS-W309S4 subwoofer, check out or


JL Audio W7 Anniversary Edition Subwoofers

To celebrate the subwoofer that changed it all, JL Audio has introduced the “Anniversary Edition W7” models to replace all of the original W7s. Changes are cosmetic-only and consist of a distinctive Satin-Black Basket, a “W7 Anniversary Edition” badge on the cone, a brighter outer trim ring, as well as new labels and packaging. The legendary sound and overall performance of the W7 subwoofers remains unchanged. To kick off the 10th Anniversary of the W7, JL Audio is also offering a limited, numbered edition of W7AE-LP subwoofers. Each one is hand-signed and hand-numbered by the man who started it all, JL Audio’s founder, CEO and Chief Engineer Lucio Proni. More information can be found at or in Canada.


Alpine SWR-T12 Thin Subwoofer

Alpine’s SWR-T12 12-inch thin subwoofer is only 3.5 inches deep, yet can handle the same power and provide the same output as traditional subwoofers. Using Alpine’s patent pending Pass-Through Gap Geometry, the Thermoplastic Elastomer Segmented Spider passes completely through the motor structure, giving the cone and voice coil assembly the physical clearance needed to achieve over 50mm of peak-to-peak excursion. The SWR-T12 can be housed in an enclosure as small as 0.5 cubic feet, therefore creating various installation possibilities beyond the trunk (ex: in a custom door panel, under the glove box, under a seat). Full details are available at


Black 10 Combo Shot_opt

Arc Audio Black 10

The new Black 10 from Arc Audio is designed for audiophiles with a penchant for low frequency extension, stunning dynamics and realistic output levels. The Black 10 is based around a heavy duty low-resonance aluminum basket with a CNC machined top plate for the highest tolerances. The T-yoke was also CNCed and features an integrated pole vent. The low mass cone is a combination of polypropylene, pulp paper and bamboo for maximum rigidity and damping without excessive mass. A high-roll NPR rubber surround is bonded to the steep-angle cone that is optimized for high-excursion stability. It is available in dual 2-Ohm or dual 4-Ohm configurations and is rated for 400Wrms and 1000Wmax. For more information visit or in Canada.


Rockford Fosgate Power T0 Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate’s new line of Power T0 subwoofers feature 10”, 12” and 15” sizes and are available in both Dual 2-Ohm and Dual 4-Ohm models. The T0 subwoofers live up to their Power series heritage in every way with dual spiders, aluminum cones and high-excursion rubber surrounds. The T0 series fits between the Punch P3 series and Power T1 series, resulting in premium bass quality for every genre of music. The new Power series T0 subwoofers include grilles and are available in dual 2- or 4-Ohm configurations. Visit for specifications and application information.


Clarion WQ3010D Subwoofer

The 12-inch WQ3010D subwoofer was designed to provide music enthusiasts with a cost effective solution that performs like subs costing more than twice as much. Dynamics and low frequency extension combined with clean cosmetics make the WQ3010D a perfect solution. Spider Exhaust Technology venting ensures linear performance and enhanced power handling. A glass fiber and paper cone provides a solid anti-resonant foundation while an aluminized parabolic dust cap and rubber mounting gasket make it look good. Power handling is rated at 500Wrms and 1500Wmax and the driver features dual 4-Ohm voice coils. Clarion also offers a 10-inch version called the WQ2510D.The Clarion website can be found at


KICKER Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer

KICKER Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer technology is the world’s first patented square subwoofer, supplying the extra decibels needed for deep, musical bass in a car audio system. Deemed KICKER’s best, its cutting-edge, square-sub design means more cone area, more air displacement and more decibels than a conventional round woofer. The L7 revolves around the injection-molded SoloKon cone with 360-degree back bracing, adding targeted strength for reliable performance. The solid pole piece offers superb heat dissipation for high power handling, while the distinctive cast-aluminum basket provides
a strong motor foundation. Check out Kicker on the web at or visit in Canada.

HED woofer_opt

Cerwin Vega Mobile HED Subwoofers

Cerwin Vega Mobile’s newly designed entry-level series of HED (High Energy Design) subwoofers continue the goal of providing exceptional value and performance without sacrificing the high-performance characteristics that the Vega Nation has been accustomed to. Utilizing an aluminum voice coil former with a 4-layer copper winding, woven tinsel leads, and spring-loaded nickel-plated terminals, the new HED subwoofers will continue the CV tradition of “disturbing the peace”. HED subwoofers will be available in 10- and 12-inch models handling 300 Watts of peak power. You will also find the new HED subwoofers offered in a special factory-tuned custom slot-ported loaded enclosure and in a complete HED Bass Kit package as well! Check out for all the specs.
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Mass HD_opt

Audiomobile Next Gen “MASS” HD Subwoofers

Audiomobile introduces the new “neo motor” MASS (Magnetic Apex Symmetrical Stasis) HD 6512. This unique subwoofer series features one of the longest excursion, lowest distortion designs on the market. It has a one-way linear Xmax of 32 mm, yet features a mounting depth under 7” deep,. This makes it slightly shallower than most subs, yet it is capable of over twice the air displacement with dramatically reduced distortion. Additional features include a new, 3.2” Aluminum flat-wire voice coil, a titanium former and a laser-etched ceramic-alloy cone. The MASS HD 6512 is rated to handle 2,000 Watt dynamic peaks. For more information visit


RE Audio XXX18

RE Audio listened to the public as to what they wanted in the XXX woofers. Let’s just say, it’s going to be more Ground Pounder than SQ! 2,000 Watts rms / 4,000 watt peak, with 54mm one way linear excursion will ensure you hit the lowest of the lows. With the Free Air Resonance (Fs) of 15.60 Hz you could talk to whales! They changed from a 3.5-inch tall split winding to a 3.5-inch tall 8-layer coil. To deliver the power to the coils more efficiently, the strand count of the tinsel leads has doubled! The new design is 3 dB more efficient than previous designs. The second biggest request was for voice coil options, so for the first time the XXX is now available in D2 and D4 configurations. It’s also available in 12-, 15- and 18-inch versions. Hit up for more details.


MB Quart ONX304SQ

The new ONYX subwoofers have been elegantly designed for a simple, yet upper class feel. The square design moves more air than a conventional round subwoofer - giving you more great-sounding bass. They features a gloss piano black polypropylene cone, NBR rubber surround and black semi-gloss trim ring. What makes the ONYX subwoofers really stand out is the optional Illumination of the MB Quart logo on the dustcap using bright white LED back-lighting. The rugged stamped steel basket is dressed up with black high-gloss paint, which is set off perfectly next to a vibrant red progressive nomex spider. The high energy magnet is protected by an anti-resonant ABS motor cap. Also available are the ONX304, ONX302 and ONX254. For more information visit


ORION XTR124 12-inch Subwoofer

Orion XTR subwoofers are back on the streets, and they’re ready to pound their mid-priced competition into the ground. Head-to-head, this is not a fight — it’s a massacre! XTR Subwoofers feature dual 2-Ohm or 4-Ohm copper wound voice coils on an aluminum former, a custom trim ring, tinsel leads stitched and looped across the spider and a dual cooling system. The XTR124 is rated at 500 Watts peak and 250 Watts RMS. For more information please visit


Autotek Mean Machine Subwoofer

The Autotek Mean Machine subwoofer is available in a 12-inch round design featuring a 2.5” dual 4-Ohm high temp voice coil with power handling of 500Wrms and 1000Watts max. Woven tinsel leads and a high energy motor structure help produce some serious bass. With performance in check, Autotek turned their focus to enhanced cosmetics. The M12D4 features an embossed and illuminated logo on a polypropylene dust cap. A double-rolled stamped steel frame and is trimmed with a black chrome-plated gasket. For more information visit or call 866-636-6299.


Focal Performance Line

The new Performance line from Focal features their traditional sound quality cross bred with excellent value. Based around a custom stamped steel chassis, Performance Line subwoofers feature a parabolic polypropylene cone mated to a rubber surround. A linear spider ensure good power handling, as does a vented pole piece and venting under the spider mounting plateau. You have your choice of 10- or 12-inch models and both have a power rating of 250Wrms. They can be used in sealed or vented enclosures. For more information, please visit or in Canada.



Building on the quality and success of Energy’s famous home audio speakers, their new line of premium car audio speakers offer top-tier features and Energy-specific technology. The ENC102 10” subwoofer defines your low end in a way that expands your musical experience without drowning out the rest of your music. A patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround allows for increased cone excursion for more output and extended response. The Kevlar-Reinforced, Turbine-Tip dust cap reduces cone flex to minimize distortion. A woven glass fiber cone makes for strong, lightweight material reacts quickly to meet the demands of today’s music. The ENC102 is designed with a single 4-Ohm voice coil and is rated for 200Wrms and 600Wmax. For more information please visit

T6-12 front_opt

Soundstream Tarantula T6

The new T6 subwoofers are the next generation in the Tarantula series. As times change, people change and so does their musical tastes. Enthusiasts today want loads of gut wrenching low bass. Both the 12- and 15-inch T6 have resonant frequencies 5Hz lower than the T5 models they replace. And you thought the T5s played low!? To accommodate the massive amount of air movement, the excursion capabilities have been increased 43% on both models! But it is not just a performance upgrade, they are also way cooler to look at. The transparent smoke cone can be backlit for custom installations. The unique spoked subcone is cool to look at too. For more information please visit


Lightning Audio Subwoofers

Lightning Audio subwoofers are extremely durable and deliver heart-pounding bass. Available in both Single Voice Coil and Dual Voice Coil configurations, they feature unique “Vortex Cone” designs and are optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures. Single Voice Coil models feature stamped baskets, and Dual Voice Coil models feature die-cast baskets. They are available in 10- and 12-inch sizes. Visit for information on these and more Lighting Audio products.


Crunch P1-12D4

This entry level subwoofer is ideal for those looking for extreme power without an extreme budget. The use of an ultra-rigid pressed pulp cone with high-excursion surround aids super low frequency response, durability and above all, great sound. With great features it offers high value, accurate bass reproduction and the quality expected from Crunch. They feature dual 4-Ohm voice coils, high energy magnet with ABS motor cap, ultra-rigid stamp steel basket, multilayer, high-temp voice coil cooling, stitched and glued bond for surround to cone. It is rated at 350Wrms and 700Wmax. For more information visit


Realm LFT12-D4F Flat Subwoofer

Scosche Industries’ REALM brand dedicated to high-end components introduces its flat low frequency transducer, the LFT12-D4F. This flat subwoofer is designed to provide maximum low bass extension when conventional woofers can’t fit into an application. REALM low frequency transducers are optimized for modest sized enclosures without sacrificing low extension. The LFT12-D4F has a mounting depth of only 2.87-inch and handles 600 Watts max and 300 Watts rms power through dual 4-ohm voice coils. For more information check out


Helix Esprit Subwoofers

Designed in Germany, the Esprit subwoofers take both sound performance and install application into consideration. The low-profile flat piston driver is comprised of a rigid and lightweight fiberglass sealed honeycomb membrane housed in a tall profile rubber surround to provide accurate and musical bass reproduction. Esprit subwoofers are available in 8, 10 and 12-inch versions, all with dual voice coil designs. For details please visit


Audiobahn Sound Q Woofers

Car audio enthusiasts and music admirers who have an appetite for ultimate in sound quality should check out Audiobahn Sound Q Subwoofers. Available in a 12-inch and 10-inch sizes, Sound Q Woofers have been revamped with spun aluminum cone, huge 1.75-inch EPDM rubber surround, multi-connect lug lock terminals and a new cast basket featuring Audiobahn’s signature flame design. A perfect combination of compelling looks to match its gripping sound! The Sound Q woofer is a dual 6-ohm woofer with a power rating of 800Wrms for the ALUM10J 10-inch and 1000Wrms for the ALUM12J 12-inch. For more information, please visit

DXi10Sub_02_opt DXi12Sub_01_opt

Polk Audio DXi Subwoofers

DXi subs can turn any ride, any journey, on land or water, into a power trip of realistic sound and exhilarating energy, and do it all reliably. That’ because DXi component subwoofers are subjected to accelerated weathering testing to ensure they can hold up to what some pretty nasty marine and automotive environments dish out. DXi subs’ high efficiency design means less amplifier power is needed for more audio output. And that means better sound and more volume while using less power. DXi subwoofers will blow you and your friends away, whether they’re driven by aftermarket or factory installed electronics. Visit the Polk Audio website at for more information.


Hifonics Zeus Subwoofers

Zeus subs feature great looking cosmetics with a one-piece cone and dust cap for accurate bass reproduction through a wide range of frequencies and impressive power handling capabilities. The traditional spider design was challenged, and through extensive testing, Hifonics engineers separated the two spiders and determined the ideal distance and position to produce maximum excursion outward and inward while maintaining optimal control. Zeus subwoofers feature dual 4-Ohm multi-layer voice coils, 500 Watts RMS / 1000 Watts max power handling, a high excursion rubber surround, polypropylene cone, Nomex spider, woven tinsel leads, embossed PP dust cap and an ABS magnet cap. For more information visit or call 866-636-6299.


JVC Arsenal 7000 & 8000 Series Subwoofers

Using eco-friendly hemp fiber in JVC’s 7000 and 8000 series subwoofers helps reduce unwanted mid and high frequencies – like a natural low-pass filter. Simultaneously, internal loss is reduced within the speaker diaphragm for high-fidelity sound. With a high-gloss finish, T3 chassis, Rapid Impedance Selector and Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring, these ARSENAL subwoofers are amongst the best looking, and most versatile available. All are available in 10-, 12- and 15-inch sizes in both dual 2-Ohm and dual 4-Ohm voice-coils configurations. Details can be found at or in Canada.

Image - 120.9 (3D View_opt

Infinity Kappa 120.9W

Looking for a more moving audio experience? Take Infinity car audio for a ride. Innovative materials and breakthrough engineering have always put Infinity products out in front of the competition. So expect extreme output from Kappa subs, but be prepared for accuracy and detail that may simply blow you away. Infinity’s revolutionary new Kappa Series subwoofers deliver true low-distortion high-performance with one incredible feature, Infinity’s Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI) design. Visit for more information.


Phoenix Gold Ti2 Subwoofers

Phoenix Gold’s Ti2 subwoofers feature a long-throw motor structure that is perfect for the sound quality guru or bass head that wants to be heard from blocks away. With a long-throw spider suspension and high-roll butyl rubber surround combined with a CAE/CAD optimized design, the Ti2 subwoofers can really move some air. Their powder coated cast basket and one-piece aluminum dust cap ensure they will look good while doing it. And, oh yeah, they handle a ton of power too – 600Wrms and 1200W Max power. Available in 10- and 12-inch sizes in dual-2 and dual-4 Ohm configurations, there is a Ti2 subwoofer to meet your needs. Visit or


American Bass TNT Subwoofers

The new TNT line of subwoofers from American Bass includes 10-, 12- and 15-inch models configured with dual 4-Ohm voice coils. The 10- and 12-inch models have 120oz magnets while the 15-inch monster sports a160oz monster. All boasts a rigid cast aluminum frame with a silver powder-coated finish. The moving assembly is based around a non-pressed paper cone and high-density foam surround. The suspension has been optimized for high excursion capabilities. Power handling is 600W for the 10 and 12, and 1000W for the 15. For more information visit


VIBE BlackDeath Bubonic

VIBE products are known around the world for producing immense heavyweight bass and now they have raised the bar higher than ever with the BlackDeath Bubonic. This Quad 0.75-Ohm voice coil subwoofer features triple-stacked 540oz high intensity ferrite ring magnets. It is capable of immense power handling, with an RMS power rating of 6,500 Watts and a peak power of 20,000 Watts - this is beyond deadly, it’s Bubonic! Designed without compromise and engineered to extreme specifications, the BlackDeath Bubonic Subwoofer has no right to exist, and that is why VIBE created it! To start the plague, visit

W12GTi MkII Side_opt


For more than 60 years, JBL has been delivering products embodying the technology developed in the professional arena – equipping leading recording studios and movie theaters, as well as live-music reinforcement in venues ranging from dance clubs to Woodstock. We continue to transform this expertise into products that provide the impact and excitement of a live performance. Just as every performance automobile manufacturer has a racing division to test cutting-edge technology and engineering capabilities, the GTi Series pushes the limits of JBL engineering and technology. The W12GTi MKII Differential Drive®* Design GTi subwoofer is the result of extensive engineering with the goal of delivering the best subs money can buy. If you are looking for the absolutely best in low frequency reproduction, then look no further. For complete specifications, please visit


Kenwood Performance Series Subwoofers

Kenwood Performance Series subwoofers strike a perfect balance between value and performance. The 12” KFC-W3013PS delivers improved heat ventilation, shallower mounting depth and longer cone excursion over last year’s model. Power handling is rated at 400 Watts (RMS), with a maximum peak power rating of 1,200 Watts. The KFC-W3013PS features a dual ventilation system that allows heat to escape from the voice coil even in extremely shallow mounting applications where the pole piece vent may be obstructed by the enclosure. A heavy-duty rubber surround extends the life of the woofer even under continuous high-power operation, while a new diamond-array cone design resists cone flex and provides better bass performance. Visit or for more information.


MTX Road Thunder Subwoofers

MTX Road Thunder subwoofers are the newest generation of Thunder. RT subwoofers feature a 2”, 8-layer aluminum voice coil allowing them to easily handle their 250W RMS rating and more. They utilize proven MTX technologies like a high-roll rubber surround which increases the sub’s surface area and displacement as well as Spider Plateau Venting, which mechanically focusses cool air at the voice coil for greater reliability. Road Thunder subwoofers are designed to operate perfectly with the new Road Thunder amplifiers from MTX for the best in bass performance. RT subs are also available in 15”, 10” and 8” sizes. For more details, hit up or in Canada.

Air 12_opt

Oxygen Audio Signature Air12S

As part of the Ozone Signature line, the Air 12S subwoofer features a massive powder-coated cast chassis that is extremely rigid, while offering excellent ventilation for increased thermal power handling. Spring-loaded terminals provide a reliable and efficient connection to the pair of 2-Ohm voice coils. Up front a woven glass-fiber cone is bonded to a large rubber surround. A 2.5-inch voice coil and extended pole piece provide linear excursion. The Air12S is rated at 1,000Wrms and 2,000Wmax and is available in a 10-inch version called the Air10S. For more information, please visit


PowerBass Thin Woofers

PowerBass Thin Woofers are only 3.25” deep but don’t let its lean size fool you, these woofers are big on bass. We gave our engineers the difficult task of building a thin woofer that was up to the PowerBass reputation of great performance and exceptional value. Starting with our proprietary polycarbonate/glass fiber composite frame, we built a basket that is stronger then steel and lighter then cast aluminum. Our unique one piece cone is more durable then paper, this injected molded cone is able to withstand the abuse that comes from delivering deep bass in a small enclosure. Available in 10- and 12-inch sizes, they are rated for 300Wrms and 600Wmax and with either single or dual voice coils. For more information please visit



Dynaudio Esotar²

1200 The Esotar² 1200 is a 12-inch subwoofer equipped with Dynaudio’s highest level of transducer technology, built into a rigid, die-cast solid aluminum frame, featuring Dynaudio’s characteristic MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragm driven by a large, 4-inch diameter voice coil. The exceptionally large voice coil is formed of extremely lightweight aluminum wire wound on a Kapton former. Thanks to a powerful and massive magnet, this low-mass driver construction provides excellent transient response, speed and precision, effortlessly reproducing low frequencies down to 18Hz. For more visit or call (630) 238-4200.


Incriminator Audio Warden

The Incriminator Audio Warden is the first true column based neo subwoofer that incorporates a common steel top plate. Having one common top plate allows the Warden to generate a uniform amount of magnetic flux throughout the entire gap. This results in a stronger motor and higher SPL levels than other subwoofers. The heavy gauge voice coil in the Warden allows it to handle 2500 Watts RMS, although during SPL “burps” they have been known to handle upwards of 20,000 Watts! Each Warden is hand built at Incriminator Audio, and is custom made to order for the customer.  Visit to get one!


Massive Audio Rebel Subwoofers

Massive Audio is now shipping the “Rebel” Series Subwoofers for all you Rebels out there! Go ahead “Rebel” with a R10, R12 or R15 inch deep cycle subwoofers. All “Rebel” subwoofers include Dual 4 Ohm 2-inch CCAW voice coils wrapped on an aluminum former with reinforced neck joints, 5 way binding posts with push or banana nickel plated terminals, twin poly-cotton dual-roll spiders with woven round tinsel leads, dual wave roll surrounds and FEMM engineered motor plates with a white zinc finish. All "Rebel" Series woofers have a poly glass fiber capped UV treated paper cones, powder coated stamped solid steel baskets and 65oz high ferrite stacked magnets. Owning a pair of "Rebel" Series subwoofers proves to everyone that you are a Rebel. So get in, buckle up and turn it up with Massive Audio “Rebel Series” Deep Cycle Subwoofers. Information on the Rebel and more can be found at


Alphasonik Low-Profile Woofers

Alphasonik 300-series low profile subwoofers are available in 10- and 12-inch sizes and only required 3.5 inches of mounting depth. A high strength glass fiber enhanced surround, spun aluminum finish inverted cone, powder-coated stamped steel basket and platinum-plated 8-gauge terminals combine with classic Alphasonik black and orange cosmetics to offer a serious, and shallow low frequency solution. The PSW213X is rated for 500W of power, while the 10-inch PSW310X is rated for 400 Watts. For more information visit




Focal Utopia be  21WX Subwoofer

The 21 WX is an 8 inch multimagnet subwoofer from the Utopia Be line speakers from Focal and is reserved for those who demand nothing less than the absolute best. It features the famous “W” composite sandwich cone which delivers extreme linearity over a wide frequency range without any low frequency distortion. The multimagnet design creates a powerful magnetic field that gives superior power handling and superior voice coil cooling. It combines smaller dimensions and limited inner volume for deep, high-impact bass reproduction and is versatile enough to be used in either sealed or vented enclosures.
For more information, please visit or in Canada.