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Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
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Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
Alpine Electronics
MRX-V70 X-Power 5-Channel Digital

With 10 percent more (rated) power over its predecessor, Alpine’s MRX-V70 boats ultra-clean sound output, the highest damping factor, lowest distortion, highest bandwidth and the best signal-to-noise ratio in its class. CEA-2006 amplifier ratings: 60 Wrms x 4 plus 250 Wrms x 1 (four ohms @ 14.4 V 1% THD + N); 90 Wrms x 4 plus 350 Wrms x 1 (two ohms @ 14.4 V  1% THD + N); S/N: 87 dB (ref.: one watt into four ohms).

Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
Blackmore Mobile Electronics


The BAC-DM70 Mosfet monoblock amplifier produces 3,200 watts maximum–extreme power designed to drive Blackmore subwoofers. Like all BAC series amplifiers, the DM70 utilizes an effective method of increasing power from a vehicle’s electrical system – technology that gives Blackmore amplifiers the ability to operate at impedances as low as one ohm. Other advanced features include 1,500 Wrms x 1, variable low pass crossover, bass boost and gain control as well as chrome-plated RCA inputs and remote subwoofer level.

Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
Earthquake Sound


The TD5X delivers more power than anyone will ever need – 3,000 Wmax! It has four channels for front and rear imaging (over 100 Wrms per channel) and a fifth subwoofer channel with output of over 400 Wrms to deliver the best bass you can dream of. The TD5X is easy to install thanks to a low-profile heatsink fits into small areas while an auto-sensing option eliminates the need to run a remote turn-on wire from the head unit to the amplifier. Simply plug in the RCAs and the TD5X automatically turns on when it senses music and, then, shuts itself off when there’s no music for 20 minutes.

Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
Crossfire Car Audio


The C3 amplifi ers are about the real value that is not only judged on price but also the quality, power and performance you get for your dollar. With the smallest footprint Crossfire has ever off ered and all the features and newest technologies, C3 amps bring the power and are claimed to be the most reliable value amps on the market. With features like SMD dedicated audio chip devices, FR-4 double-sided PCB boards and higheffi ciency Mosfet power supplies, there’s no better choice.

Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012
Massive Audio

Nano Block Series Nx3

Massive Audio’s Nano Block Series of amplifiers expands in 2012 with the new Nx3 three-channel model that combines its hot-selling Nx2 and the incredible class D “N2” into one model with dual power supplies boasting a staggering 2,080 W and CEA 2006 compliance rating seal! The Nx3 is 120 Wrms x 2 (240 Wmax) at four ohms plus 800 Wrms x 1 (1,600 Wmax) at one ohm. The Nx3 has adjustable 24 dB high and low pass crossovers, 12 dB bass boost, 24 dB subsonic fi lter on the sub channel plus two awesome new features: an adjustable one-band parametric EQ with a center frequency range of 30 to 80 Hz: and, a variable bass “Q” that allows the precise control of the frequency bell curve.

Amplifiers Buyer's Guide - July 2012

Excelon X700-5

Offering an exceptional multi-channel, single-chassis solution, the new X700-5 five-channel power amplifi er delivers 50 W x 4 for full-range applications and 500 W x 1 for driving a subwoofer system. The X700-5 features an intelligent thermal management system, which monitors temperature and operates the internal cooling fan when necessary for uninterrupted performance. Unique heatsink geometry helps efficiently dissipate heat and avoid thermal distortion. Available through authorized Kenwood Excelon retailers nationwide, the X700-5 is covered by a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty.