Clarion SRQ1621S



Clarion’s Q-Series speakers offer incredible performance and a more incredible price. The SRQ1621S features a Mica-Injected PP cone at price levels well below the competitions mineral-added speakers. A rubber woofer surround and a powerful Strontium magnet ensure excellent dynamics. The ¾” pure soft dome tweeter offers smooth and detailed high frequency response.

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Power T3 T3652-S

Rockford Fosgate

POWER T3 component system T3652-S

Incorporating many of the features found on the ultra high end T5 components, the T3 components deliver high performance well beyond the needs of the typical car audio application. Using the first Liquid Crystal Polymer cone (LCP) and VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) technology these speakers offer increased cone area while being extremely agile.

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ARC Audio Black Series

Arc Audio

Black Series

The Black Series will be available in 2 way and 3-way component systems along with raw driver offerings in 4”, 5” and 6” speakers with small and large format pro audio style tweeters giving al level of installers and installations a plethora of choices to customize the sound and overall performance of their system.

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Cadence Sound ZRS Series

Cadence Sound

ZRS Series

The ZRS series of component and coaxial speaker systems are the affordable solution for the autosound enthusiast seeking a high performance speaker system with rich well-balanced sound, excellent tonal characteristics, and incredible detail with high output levels. Competition level sound quality, high output and reliability were the goals for the ZRS series of component and coaxial speaker systems.

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Crunch P1 Speakers


P1 Speakers

The P1 feature a progressive grill, compact in-line crossover for the 6.5” component, Neo Mylar Soft Dome Tweeter with plenty of output - the lineup sounds great! They also feature Impact Resistant Tweeter Elements, Silver Alpha-Cellulose Cones, Spade Speaker Terminals, Moisture Resistant Rubber Surround, High Mid-Bass Impact, and an Anti-Resonant Stamped Steel Basket.
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165 KRX3

Focal America

165 KRX3

The flagship of Focal’s K2 Power line of car audio products, the 165 KRX3 is a 6.5” 3-way kit designed to provide both high fidelity and high power. The aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter combines smoothness, precision and optimized imaging which produces an astonishingly broad and realistic soundstage.

Autotek ATX Speakers


ATX Speakers

Technology is evident everywhere in Autotek’s ATX series full-range and component speakers. They feature durable moisture and UV resistant rubber surrounds and high output neo-Mylar soft dome tweeters. They also feature Impact Resistant Tweeter Elements, Silver Alpha-Cellulose Cones, Spade Speaker Terminals, High Mid-Bass Impact, Anti-Resonant Stamped Steel Basket and Wide Nominal Power Range.

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MB Quart QS216

MB Quart


The mid-bass woofer is made from Nomex PMI composite material designed to be simultaneously low in mass and rigid. Next, it touts a 40mm Teteron silk dome tweeter allowing flawless reproduction of sound and improved durability from the Teteron blend. The high definition crossovers offer advanced “Q Control” for the tweeter and midrange with variable points of attenuation.
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Ti65 Comppnent Set

Phoenix Gold

Ti-Series Ti65CS Component Set

The Phoenix Gold Ti65CS is designed specifically to complement the company’s Ti-Series amplifiers and subwoofers, the Ti65CS set consists of two slick looking 25mm silk dome tweeters; two 6.5-inch speakers with aluminum-plated polypropylene cones, interwoven tinsel leads and anti-resonant cast baskets, and an 18dB external crossover module with tweeter level adjustment.

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CS VS607 Component Speaked Set


DRVN Series CS-VS607 Component Speaker Set

Without giving up what you expect in a component speaker set; great sound quality and power handling, JVC was able to produce a component set with features well-above its price tag.  With it’s hybrid cone and surround materials, 3-way tweeter mounting system, in-line crossover network and an aggressive design, the CS-VS607 is an absolute steal at $130 ($120 US).

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Precision Component System P236P

The Precision 2-way dedicated component system takes advantage of aluminum impregnated, sisal-fibre diaphragms and silk dome tweeters combined with audiophile grade crossover components to provide dynamic characteristics and a unique sonic signature. Also available in 4 inch and 5 ¼” inch versions.

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Kicker KS Coalxial Speakers


KS Coaxial Speakers

Kicker KS series speakers are designed to be drop-in upgrades to your factory speakers. They feature a massive motor structure for excellent power handling, high efficiency and maximum performance. Their Extended Voice Coil (EVC) technology allows for maximum cone travel for superior bass response. The tapered polymer cone and Santoprene surround provides smooth and accurate frequency response.

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Orion XTR Coaxial Speakers


XTR Coaxial Speakers

Orion XTR Coaxial speakers offer renowned ORION performance in easy-to-install standard frame sizes. Featuring adjustable angle soft silk-dome tweeters, UV-coated fiber blended cones and universal fit baskets, the XTR652 6.5” coax offers robust power handling of 60 Wrms / 120 Wpeak with a mounting depth of just over 2 inches.

JL Audio C5-653

JL Audio


The JL Audio C5-653 system incorporates 6.5-inch (165mm) woofer with JL Audio’s exclusive DMA-optimized motors and patented Elevated Frame Cooling technologies. Midbass capability is outstanding thanks to DMA and critically engineered suspension designs. The 4-inch (100 mm) mid-range driver is compact, efficient and offers extremely flat, uncolored response.

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Kenwood Excelon


This model is designed to fit into factory speaker locations ranging from 6 ½ -inch up to 6x9-inch through the use of a multi-application mounting adaptor. The KFC-X183C is a 180mm (approximately 7.1-inch) two-way speaker system with a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter and diamond-array pattern woofer cone. Power handling capability of the KFC-X183C is 80 watts RMS (at 4 ohms), 280 watts peak.

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D6 Convertible Speaks

Diamond Audio

D6 Convertible Speakers

The new D6 series convertible speakers have a new and improved crossover design that further enhances the exceptional sound quality that audiophiles expect from Diamond. With high precision components such as premium air core inductors and high-quality poly capacitors, the newly designed D6 bi-ampable crossover network offers more musical detail, realism and the highest level of performance.
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Pioneer TS-A1604C



Pioneer’s TS-A1604C 6-1/2 component speakers boast a carbon graphite IMPP Interlaced Aramid Fiber cone that is extremely strong and durable and provides a more powerful bass response. The package also includes a soft dome tweeter with a wave guide for a smooth on- and off-axis response.

Iincriminator Audio Component Speakers

Incriminator Audio

I Series Component Speakers

The new I Series lineup of component speakers from Incriminator Audio offer uncompromised sound at a price everyone can afford. Featuring a 6.5” midrange woofer and a separate 1” silk dome tweeter, the clarity and volume produced by these speakers are uncomparable to anything in their price range.

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Lightning Audio

6.5” Component Speakers LA-1652-S

Lightning Audio’s LA -1652-S 6.5” component set offers a 6.5” woofer offers an extremely rigid vortex fiber cone supported by a NBR rubber surround. The basket is constructed of die-cast aluminum and the tweeter is a 25mm Teteron soft dome mounted in a removable aluminum trim ring. The included crossover is a “direct coupled” second order supporting -6dB/-3dB/0dB terminals.

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American Bass SQ 6.5

American Bass

SQ 6.5

The American Bass SQ 6.5 features a woven carbon fiber cone and is attached to the basket with a butyl rubber surround. Powering the speaker is a 25oz magnet, and the tweeter is cooled with Ferrofluid for linear response and smooth handling. Rated to reproduce frequencies between 55 and 22kHz, the SQ 6.5 is rated to handle 80Wrms and 160Wmax.

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Bazooka MAC6502B



The Bazooka MAC6502B is the number one choice when it comes to marine audio. With UV resistant black composite grills, composite speaker baskets, polyurethane rubber woofer surrounds, poly-mica aquamarine woofer cones, and aluminum dome tweeters you are sure to achieve the highest level of performance in any marine system.

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The SXT65 began with one design goal in mind: “bring ultra hi- definition sound” to the marine environment! The Exile sound quality, form factor, power handling and fit and finish are un-matched by anything available on the market today. The perfect addition to any Marine or Mobile system.

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Hertz MLk2TW


Mille MLK2TW

The MLK 2 TW is a two-way system that can reproduce the complete frequency spectrum with maximum simplicity and versatility. The combination of the ML 280 tweeter, ML 1600 woofer along with the MLCX 2 TW crossover provide the ability to create a custom system in any vehicle. MLK 2 TW recreates a complete, all-encompassing sound with superior timbre accuracy.

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Cerwin-Vega Mobile

Cerwin-Vega Mobile

H.E.D. (High Energy Design) Series Speakers

Armed with a .75” (19mm) composite dome tweeter and engineered with a special curvilinear cone that provides superior mid-bass and off-axis performance. The new HED (High Energy Design) coaxial speaker models consist of the HED525 (5.25”), HED65 (6.5”), HED57 (5”X7”), and HED69 (6”X9”). The HED65C, a 6.5” component system is also offered in the lineup.

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Scosche EFX C65



EFX C65 features 12dB, 2-way integrated crossovers, reducing bulk.  The C65 convertible component set can be mounted in either a coaxial or component alignment with its separate tweeter for ideal positioning. The C65 loudspeaker set also includes Scosche’s patent pending Universal Backmount Adapter for quick, secure and easy tweeter mounting behind factory panels or A-pillar.

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SPR-60C Type-R


SPR-60C Type-R Component 2-Way Speaker

The new SPR-60C use Alpine’s High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) technology for clean, high-impact bass performance. The linear drive motor design uses a neodymium magnet and square-wire voice coil for linear motion over a wide excursion range. The swivel ring tweeter enhances detail and output, and focuses sound for the best performance. CEA-2031 compliant ratings are 110Wrms and 330Wpeak.

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Polk Audio DXi Speakers

Polk Audio

DXi Speakers

DXi mobile speakers are tuned to play loud enough to overcome engine noise, with depth and detail that are typically associated with Polk’s most popular home models. Every one of the new models features one order HP and LP filters to reduce distortion to an inaudible minimum, while maximizing each product’s sonic output.

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Xtreme 3XL-6902x

The newest member of the PowerBass Xtreme family, the 3XL-6902x is a 6x9” two-way speaker featuring a pivoting titanium dome tweeter and Kevlar/Glass Fibre cone.  Boasting a 1.5” voice coil and large Y-35 ferrite magnet, this speaker conservatively rated at 130 watts RMS (260 peak) with a frequency response from 40Hz to 22KHz.  PowerBass backs this speaker with a 3-year warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

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Hifonics HF Speakers


HF Speakers

Hifonics HF Series uses a polypropylene cone material and is engineered with a state of the art speaker design. Coupled with a Neodymium Mylar Soft Dome tweeter is our 360? radial air-cooled motor structure and magnet assembly to handle extreme power. The HF speaker line consists of a 6.5” component, a 6.5” coaxial, and a 6x9” coaxial.

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Memphis Car Audio

Memphis Car Audio

MClass Synchronous Speakers

This MClass offering from Memphis Car Audio features synchronous components in a proprietary design that allows maximum flexibility for performance. The tweeter can either install nested (on the same axis as the midrange speaker) or detached and mounted separately.

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FLI Undersground Speakers


Underground Speakers

FLI Underground Audio aim to combine a fresh contemporary image and cutting edge audio speaker technology to create products that give exceptional value for the money. Engineered by the UK’s Number 1 Car Audio Brand VIBE Audio, the latest range of FLI Underground speakers feature a clean aesthetic design, high quality futuristic detailing and great audio performance.

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Audiobahn AS Full Range Speakers


AS Full Range Speakers

The new Audiobahn AS series of speakers frequency responses ranging from 50Hz to 20k Hz and sensitivity from 94dB to 95dB. The full-range, all-in-one sound gives the impression that you’re sitting inside a live concert venue! Depending on the size and model of the full range speaker select varies from 60 to 200 Wrms.

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VIBE 3D Speakers


3D Speakers

VIBE Space 3D speakers aim to be the pinnacle of in-car audiophile quality sound. The Space 3D is a truly unique 3-way speaker package with a wide range of fitment options. The tweeter and midrange can be mounted separately, or stacked on top of one another to deliver a 3D 360° diffused sound.

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Boom Mat Speaker Baffles

Boom Mat

Speaker Baffles

Boom Mat Speaker Baffles are made from a high tech closed cell Polyethylene which encases the speaker to seal out dirt and moisture while providing a protective shell. They also maximize the speaker performance by isolating the correct frequency response while damping reverberation distortion in a vehicles body work and panels.

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VOCE SPeakers


VOCE Speakers

Originating directly from the experience of the outstanding, and uber expensive, AUDISON Thesis line, the Voce components and coaxial take the in-car listening experience to a new level of excellence. Innovative and advanced design, reference performance; the synthesis of a solid know-how employed in car audio reproduction.

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Earthquake Sound

Earthquake Sound

TNT 2-Way Coaxial

Earthquake Sound is proud to announce that the TNT Coaxial series has been expanded to feature 2-way speakers in 4 affordable models. Available in 4 install-convenient sizes (4 x 6 inch, 5 ¼ inch, 5 x 7 inch and 6 ½ inch), these speakers can replace factory speakers in a snap.

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SONY Xplod™ GTR series


Experience lifelike sound quality without emptying your wallet with the Xplod™ GTR series speakers by Sony. Running through the integrated precision 2-way crossovers, Mica Reinforced Cellular fiber (MRC) woofers deliver responsive bass notes while the adjustable angle aluminum tweeters let you optimize speaker performance for clear highs.

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Crossfire XS-M Series LOUDspeakers


XS-M Series LOUDspeakers

The new XS-M Series LOUDspeakers, with the emphasis on “LOUD” there will be no doubt that they can. With the popularity of “BIG BASS” vehicles hitting the streets and competition lanes, you need a LOUDspeaker designed to withstand the harsh environment of an SPL or BIG BASS type vehicle.

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Soundstream RF3.6C



European influenced 3-Way component set re-introduces Soundstream as a serious contender in autosound competition arenas. The 6.5” midbass uses a Kevlar reinforced pulp paper cone with a foam backing. The unique 2.5” midrange uses an aluminum cone and dust cap. It’s only 1.5” deep, so it will fit in virtually any dash top or a-pillar location.

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Boston Acoustics SE65

Boston Acoustics


The SE65 and all models in the series provide a wide array of drop-in installation options for popular OEM sizes focusing on efficiency and great sound using your existing radio or small amplifier power. The SE65 features the Boston’s proprietary CATB™ Technology (Contoured Asymmetrical Tweeter Baffle), which delivers smoother extension and consistent response both on- and off-axis with a 20% improvement in off-axis response.

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MTX TX Separates


TX Separates

MTX TX full range separate speaker systems are designed to improve the full range sound of any audio system, The 25mm soft dome tweeter can be mounted in three positions based on install type and listener preference. The included crossover also allows for a -3dB tweeter adjustment for system tuning. For more visit

SK694 Phanton Skull Speakers


SK694 Phantom Skull Speakers

The SK694 features high quality sound provides extra visual excitement when the “SKULL” eyes light-up to the beat of the music. A custom tooled bridge houses the midranges and tweeters for outstanding mid and high frequency response. The SK694 is a 4-Way 6 x 9 with a 2-1/2” Mylar Cone Midrange, a ¾” Piezo Tweeter & a ½” Piezo Tweeter.
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Planet Audio PLPC8.4

Planet Audio


The PLPC8.4 mid bass (6, and 8 inch… 4 and 8 Ohm), has a “Pro” quality pressed paper cone with accordion surround, and a super compression tweeters all anchored in a rigid aluminum diecast frame. This combo will allow the natural acoustics of any original recording environment to shine through.

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Addictive Audio Elite Components

Addictive Audio

Elite Components

The Elite Components were designed to meet the listening needs and preferences of the consumer while maintaining a design the can perform under tough acoustic conditions. Our resin treated TIGHTWEAVE© woven black kevlar cone, the high grade metalized polypropylene capacitors and pcb used in the crossovers, and your choice in tweeter diaphragm size and material.

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Alphasonik PFZ652E



The PFZ652E features a black anodized aluminum voice coil former, titanium vapor-deposition cone & dome tweeter, integrated crossover with solid-state tweeter protection, polypropylene injected cone and a 360 degree swivel tweeter. The system has a power handling of 160 Wrms and a frequency response of 55Hz to 22kHz, +/- 3dB. The sensitivity is 92dB 1W/1m and a mounting depth of 2.5” (64 mm).

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RE Audio XXX65C Component

RE Audio

XXX6.5C component

The mid-bass woofer is made from Nomex PMI composite material designed to be simultaneously low in mass and rigid. Next, it touts a 40mm Teteron silk dome tweeter allowing flawless reproduction of sound and improved durability from the Teteron blend. The high definition crossovers offer advanced “Q Control” for the tweeter and midrange with variable points of attenuation.
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Hybrid Audio Imagine l61-2

Hybrid Audio

Imagine I61-2 Coaxial and Convertible Component Set

The Imagine-series speaker systems boast a unique convertible design. The cone is a proprietary paper design. Paper is widely acknowledged as the best damping material, as it provides the near optimum balance of strength and weight. The addition of a water-proof treatment, proprietary to Hybrid Audio Technologies, ensures all-weather capability, including marine and motorcycle uses.

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Alpine SWS-10D2 Type S Subwoofer

The SWS-10D2 is a dual 2-ohm 10-inch subwoofer. As part of the Type S subwoofer series, it features Alpine's own High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) surround technology and is known for powerful output and sound quality. CTA-2013…
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Multimedia Buyer's Guide - 2009

Sony XAV-W1 Sony’s XAV-W1 Xplod® Double Din CD/DVD Receiver is the ultimate source unit for enjoying digital music and movies. Designed to elevate your in-car entertainment experience, the receiver features a 7 inch widescreen, 16:9…
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Audison Voce AV K6 Component Speakers

It’s always a pleasure to review a high quality, well-made product and, after spending some time with the Audison Voce AV K6 component speakers, that’s exactly what we got. Winners of the coveted EISA Award…
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