AudioPROphiles: Brian Mays

Vehicle: 2002 Chrysler 300M Special
Team: Team Elite / Chryster 300M Enthusiasts Club

AudioPROphiles: Brian Mays

Competition Sanctioning Body: MECA
Competition Class:
Noteworthy Scores:

AudioPROphiles: Brian Mays

Awards: 2013 SC Soundfest State Finals State Champion, 2013 Freeze Fest SQL Best of Show and Install, 2012 MECA World Finals World Champion Street SQ, 2012 The Vinny SQL Best of Show and Install Best of Show, 2010 American Radio Sound Showdown SQL Best of Show, and many more...
Source Unit/ Signal Processor: Alpine (IVA-W205 head unit w/ navigation dock, PXA-H701 digital sound processor)

AudioPROphiles: Brian MaysAudioPROphiles: Brian Mays

Power Distribution: Stinger (SPP1200 auxiliary battery, SPS60 60A power supply integrated into build, SPC505 capacitor, multiple fuse centers and distribution blocks)
Amplifier: Mosconi AS200.4 (2)
Subwoofer: Focal 27V2 FA (3)
Install: Elite Audio, Spartanburg, SC, Eric Parker, Joe Zelano

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