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On the Bench

Moving from the listening room into the lab, I connected the Konaki to my 16,000 watt load bank, and my 900 ampere DC power supply. Then the Audio Precision was fired up, and I began to exact the numbers out of the KO-3691D. All in all, it measured reasonably well and better than I had expected for a 500 buck piece. The actual power numbers fell a touch short of the advertised power at 2 ohms, but the difference was so minimal, it would not be audible. At 1 ohm, many Class D amplifiers have enough inaudible noise that they exceed the 1.0% limit generally used to determine maximum undistorted power. This was also the case here, so I have included power measurements that were taken at clipping, not prematurely limited by inaudible noise. 

I also was able to verify the additional output caused by engaging the subsonic filter, with the frequency set to the lower limit, the amount of boost added was 6dB!
On the inside of the KO-3691D I found more evidence of a quality product, and a pretty good design... There is every indication that the amplifier is designed to be very reliable from a mechanical standpoint.

Overall, this is a nice amp with a lot of bang for the buck. Yes, there are a couple of minor technical glitches with noise and the subsonic filter, but the Konaki amplifier is designed to offer high power and reliable performance at a low price, and it does that job well. You could spend a lot more dough on a more famous brand, and end up with much less actual performance.