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Kicker S10C Subwoofer
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On The Bench

When my listening session was finally over, (I kept doing the “just one more song” thing for about an hour) I moved the woofer to the lab to “Get the numbers out of it.”

S10CFR_L_optOnce again first allowing it to cool and normalize, I began by measuring the actual Thiele-Small parameters. As most of you are aware, there is a significant amount of variance or “tolerance” on woofer specs. I’m pleased to report the sample I tested came out within a few percent of all the published numbers.

I then mounted the woofer back in the enclosure, and measured the actual system impedance, and the SPL curve. It’s always a relief to have a product measure pretty much exactly the way it sounded, and that was the case for the S10C. 


The Kicker Solo Classic woofers are indeed the modern derivative of the original Solo-Baric woofers. They work exceptionally well in very small sealed enclosures, and provide more output than anyone has a right to expect. Not only do they play loud, but in my opinion, even better is the fact that they sound excellent. The bass is deep and smooth, with great definition and serious power handling too. If you have a small space, and you’d like big bass, the folks at your Kicker dealer have the solution.