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Passport Qi45 Radar/Laser Detector
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As a subjective, but nevertheless valid test, I installed the Qi45 beside my SRX, and added a third $400.00 windshield mounted detector from another company. The SRX and the Qi45 receivers were both mounted in the lower grille area of my truck, about 26” off the ground. The windshield detector was about 48” off the ground, so theoretically it should have improved range. I drove around the Valley of the Sun on a mix of surface streets and highways, and recorded the performance of the three detectors.

What I found confirmed my faith in the Escort products. In every case, the Qi45 or the SRX was the first to sound an alert. I found the SRX a bit less sensitive to X-band signals, and just about equal in sensitivity to K and Ka-band signals. In several cases, even though it had a height advantage, the windshield mounted detector was several hundred feet slower to respond than the Escorts. Warnings from the Qi45 were very clear, and although the technology is very similar, for whatever reason the display seemed easier to read at a glance than my SRX’s display. On Laser alerts, all three detectors were about identical in response time, and because Laser is always a threat, all the warnings were at maximum alert levels.


Here in Arizona photo radar systems are being installed at more locations every day, usually promoted as safe driving incentives, but if we’re being honest, more often used to add to the city coiffeurs. This means that anyone driving in an urban environment should have some protection against these devices. As with my older SRX, and the other Escort branded detectors I have used over the years, the level of protection provided is excellent, as are the ease of use and installation. If a very high performance, yet unobtrusive and affordable, complete radar/laser protection product appeals to you, I can highly recommend the Passport Qi45, this thing rocks!