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Test Report: Clarion VX401 Multimedia Receiver Review

Until recently, when you thought of good looking source units, especially ones with cool displays with colorful moving graphics, well let’s just say the Clarion brand wasn’t likely first that came to mind. But they have made great headway in [ … ]

Test Report: Alpine MRX-F30

The Alpine MRP series of amplifiers have been one of the most popular selling series of amplifiers on the planet. With that kind of success, some companies would simply use the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage, but not Alpine. The engineering team at Alpine took what they had lear [ … ]

Rockford Fostgate T1000 4ad

About a 20 minute drive from my lab, over on Rockford Drive in Tempe, Arizona, is the world headquarters of Rockford Fosgate. These folks live, breathe and sleep car audio. If you have ever read any of Rockford Fosgate’s marketing materials, they talk a lot about passion for the car audio l [ … ]

Soundstream STL6.620

You have probably noticed the trend towards making car audio amplifiers smaller. And small is good, especially if you live in the real world where your amplifiers have to compete for trunk space with groceries, kid’s toys and yard sale finds. This is where the Stealth series of amplifiers from Sou [ … ]

Precision Power P900.4

Ask anyone who’s been around car audio for more than a few years to name some of the most iconic brands in the industry, and without a doubt the name Precision Power will make the list. The brand sort of floundered for a bit a few years ago, but lately it has been making a strong comeback to regai [ … ]