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There may be some of you readers who are not very familiar with the name ZED Audio. Well, you may be much more familiar with it than you thought! ZED Audio began back in 1983, when pro audio engineer and hobbyist Steven Mantz decided to pull up root [ … ]
PGamp111909_opt In late September of 2009, the Phoenix Gold car audio brand was acquired by AAMP of America. Phoenix Gold was founded in 1988 as a designer and manufacturer of audio cables and accessories for home and car use. As the market for quality mobile amplifiers expanded in 1990, Phoenix Gold developed som [ … ]

The “dedicated to 12 volt” group of folks at Cerwin-Vega Mobile recently dropped off a new toy for me to have a look at. When the name Cerwin-Vega comes up, most of us think huge monster woofers, and multi kilowatt amplifiers, so what they brought me came as a surprise. The amplifier that company [ … ]


Seems like every time you turn around these days, you hear the term “efficiency.” We’re living in an age of making everything we use more efficient, whether it’s a light bulb, a home appliance, or our cars. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that efficiency is a good thing, espe [ … ]

Overload_Flat_opt Once you have experienced true sub bass in a car, I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want to have it in their ride every day. Rich, deep bass that you can feel as much as hear, bass that enhances the musical experience and helps replicate the original event. This type of bass doesn’t hav [ … ]