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Phoenix Gold Elite 6.5cs Component Speakers

When the Phoenix Gold design team sat down to decide what their Elite series of component speakers were going to be, the decision was made to make them all about sound. That may sound overly obvious, but surprisingly logic is not always the driving [ … ]

Audiomobile Elite 2212 12" Subwoofer

For anyone who has been around since the early days of car audio, the name Audiomobile brings back fond memories of the first real car audio amplifiers. I think it was back in the early 1980s when I bought a used Audiomobile amplifier to power a pair of 10s which had been repurposed from some old [ … ]

PHD FB 6.1 Competition Component Speakers

One of the benefits of being a reviewer for PASMAG is that I get to play with different brands of gear that many people don’t know of or aren’t very familiar with. In this case, it’s a new high end component speaker system from the Italian manufacturer PHD. While the brand may not be too familiar, [ … ]

Clarion CZ302 Head Unit

If you are an iPod/iPhone user in the market for a single DIN headunit that is fully compatible with your device and loaded with great features like Pandora, Bluetooth, and iTunes tagging, the $199.99 Clarion CZ302 might be for you.


The Clarion CZ302 is designed for drivers who need to [ … ]

Phoenix Gold Elite.12D Subwoofer


When it came time to build a flagship subwoofer, the folks at Phoenix Gold wanted a woofer that could do it all. It would have to have extreme power handling, be capable of moving a ton of air (to keep the SPL crowd happy) and still sound good enough to satisfy serious audiophiles. Plus, it [ … ]