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Polk Audio DXI650 Speakers

When someone is considering upgrading their factory sound system, the first piece most people think to change is the source unit. Maybe it's because it's the component we interface with or see the most, but in actuality, it's probably the component [ … ]

Audison Voce AV5.1K Amplifier


Located in central Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic, the Marche region of Italy is home to a network of small industries well known for producing all kind of high-quality merchandise from paper products to musical instruments. It is in this area of the country where, in 1979, a g [ … ]

Sony XDP-PK1000 Sound System


Right now, there are millions of folks who have recently bought or leased a new car and are not completely happy with the audio system. Among the most common complaints are a distinct lack of bottom end and no good way to incorporate an iPhone or iPod.

Because the OEM system is fairly in [ … ]

Audiopipe APSM-55100 Amplifier

From the folks at Audiopipe in Miami, Florida comes a new mini series of amplifiers – the APSM series. Comprised of a total of nine different models, the series offers a variety of choices whether you want a mono, two-channel, four- or even a five-channel amp in a very small footprint. All of the [ … ]

Sony XAV-601BT DVD Receiver Review


Pretty much everything we do these days centers around some type of smartphone. It makes sense to develop the other important peripheral electronic devices in our lives to take advantage of everything said smartphones can do.

Your car's head unit is a perfect example of a great place to mar [ … ]