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Diamond Audio TX124 12” Woofer Review

Diamond Audio products have long enjoyed a solid reputation for quality, performance and good sound. The company seldom makes radical changes to its well-received products and, when that does happen, it’s usually more evolutionary than revolutionar [ … ]

Arc Audio PS8 Digital Signal Processor At the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to listen to many demo vehicles. One that really stood out and I spent a considerable amount of time listening to was the Saturn in Arc Audio's booth. From the truly wonderful Black series speakers to amplification, Arc Aud [ … ]
Phoenix Gold Elite 4 Amplifier Review

I get lots of good-nature kidding about what some consider my fanatical attitude about good sound. I will go to what some consider ridiculous lengths to improve the performance of my systems. And, I know I'm not alone… the audiophiles are out there, lurking in the dim corners of audio showrooms wh [ … ]

Sony XS-GS120LD 12” Woofer Review


Just in time for a long summer of cruising the town with your tunes bumpin' comes the Sony XS-GS120LD 12-inch subwoofer. This good-looking new GS series subwoofer is rated for 400 watts RMS (520 Wrms ref. CEA-2031) and features dual four-ohm voice coils for flexibility in your installation [ … ]

Scosche HDW12F 12” Woofer Review

There are signs we may be coming out of a long and fairly brutal recession. Many people are doing everything they can to make the most of each hard-earned dollar; so, when it comes to putting great sound in our cars, aren't we all looking for products that offer excellent value for the buck?

Well, [ … ]