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Elite Summer Nationals
Spartanburg Expo Center
Spartanburg, SC
Aug 8, 2009

Dropping doom like an A-boom, the Elite Summer Nationals steamrolled into Spartanburg with enough wattage to electrocute every man, woman and child in the sleepy North Carolina town. The brainchild of Elite Audio, the Elite Summer Nationals draws out some of the baddest dB machines anywhere in the country. Ranging from all out sound-pressure competitors with enough bass to disrupt pace makers, the show also judges sound quality builds that present clarity that would rival any theatre caliber sound. Hundreds of audio competitors descended upon the Spartanburg Expo Center to fill the 100,000 sq. ft. facility to capacity.


Everything from sport compacts, domestics, classic cars, exotics, trucks, and more were entered for all to see. The action wasn’t limited to sounds and sights but also included live demos outside the venue. In the lot, the action heated up with DG Trials throwing down some drifting demos to get sideways and hype the crowd with smoke and the sound of screaming tires. Everyone from professionals to amateurs went home with a great sense of competition, so this even is a must attend for 2010. For more information visit