PASMAG Spot The Difference 138

In this edition of Spot The Differences, we look in the pages of our August/September 2016 (#138) issue. Can you spot the 10 differences between the top and bottom photos? Send us the 10 CORRECT answers to this puzzle at letters@pasm [ … ]

PASMAG Spot The Difference Japan 2

As seen in our Tuning Essentials: Japan (2nd Edition) issue (now on newsstands), there are 10 differences between the top and bottom photos. Can you Spot The Differences? Send us the 10 CORRECT answers to this puzzle at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a cha [ … ]

PASMAG Spot The Difference Trucks 4

In our Tuning Essentials: Trucks (4th Edition) issue (now on newsstands) we introduced our first ever Spot The Differences contest. Moving forward, at the end of each issue of PASMAG there will be a Spot The Differences game for [ … ]

The Finest Hours - Movie Poster

Do you have the winter blues? Is your show car in storage? Well, we may have something for you to help pass the time.

Our partner, Walt Disney Pictures, has provided us with 3D advance screening passes of  the heroic action, thriller,  [ … ]

PASMAG Connected v2

We get sweet deals, insider scoop and, on occasion, FREE PRODUCT from our partners! We have many supporters and fans that show love, and so here's our way of giving back and showing that same love! Fill out the info below for a chance to be selecte [ … ]


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