This Import Face-Off marked the first Import drag and show series to visit Virginia since 2007.  Local contestants, especially racers, were extremely appreciative IFO came through.  The tour will return to Virginia Motorsports Park in the Spring of 2011.  IFO will continue to fill the void and provide quality, sportsman level events for the national Import community.

The FWD class was won by number 1 qualifier Shad Sawyer from Virginia Beach, VA in his 99' K series Honda Civic running 10.592 @ 147.44 mph against Ricky Lower from Buena Vista, VA also in a Honda Civic who red lighted in finals.

Justin Barnes from Chester, MD in his 92' Mitsubishi Eclipse pulled the upset win in the Forced Induction Pro finals running a 9.974 @ 142.07 mph against number 1 qualifier Richard Homer in his 1200+ rwhp Toyota Supra that only ran a 13.186 @ 67.34 mph.  Richard was looking to take the easy win after running an 8.544 @ 175 mph on the second round of qualifying, but kill switch problems caused him to lose in finals.  Justin redeemed himself with this win by making consistent runs down the track.  He lost in the finals at the Maryland IFO one month earlier because, “I forgot to turn my nitrous on”!

The Forced Induction Sport class for daily driven street cars was doubled from a top 8 qualifier to a top 16 since there were 20+ entries.  Bob Schneller from Keswick, VA in his 03 Mitsubishi Evo ran a  12.225 @ 114.32 mph in the finals to beat number one qualifier, Chris Carroll from Seeford, VA in his 92 Honda Civic that had problems and only ran a 13.875 @ 78.36 mph.

The All Motor Sport class for daily driven street cars was also moved up from a top 8 class to a top 16 since there were 20+ entries.  After seeing that number one qualifier, Gray Milter from Portsmouth, VA in his 90' Honda CRX running 11.576 @ 118.92 mph had the entire field covered by 8/10ths of a second, IFO officials put a $100 bounty on his head the day of the race to “make things interesting”.  No one knocked him out and Gray took the easy win.  The bounty on him has now gone up to $200 at the next event he competes at.

Best Club Representation was won by local car club, Team Absolute.  Best of Show was won by Wes Banasan with his teal Nissan 350z.  This marks the 3rd IFO entered and Best of Show won for Wes! www.importfaceoff.net

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Import Face-Off 2011: Las Vegas, NV

Text and Photos by Cliff Wallace - www.importfaceoff.net CAR SHOW WINNERS Best Civic 2nd – Kyle Bass Best Civic 1st – Chivas Sotelo Best Other Honda 1st – Allan Mortel - S2000 Best Acura 2nd - Ray – 4Dr Integra Best Acura 1st – Eric Meal Best Mitsubishi – Keoni Viernes – Evo 9 Best Nissan 2nd – Nick Irie – 240SX Best Nissan 1st – Michael Flores – 350Z Best Toyota 1st – Jason – RSP Supra Best Scion – Robert Green – xB Best Mazda – Antonio – Miata Best Other Import – Marvin – '02 Kia Rio…

HKS Premium Day 2015: Oyama, Japan

Mount Fuji is in the background,bathed in a beautiful sunset. The sound of 1,000-plus horsepower GT-Rs pounding around the circuit reverberates in your ears. In front of you stands a selection of Japan’s best tuner cars - GT-Rs, WRXs, Evos, RX-7s and more. Is this heaven? Close. It’s HKS Premium Day. Every year since 2009, HKS has put on this amazing event in its backyard (the headquarters is based in the foothills of Japan’s most famous mountain), and each year it gets better and better. The initial idea was to get Japanese HKS dealers together and show off their cars…

Import Face-Off 2010: Columbus, OH

NOS Energy Drink’s IMPORT FACE-OFF: August 29th, 2010 at National Trail Raceway near Columbus, Ohio was the 5th annual event and had the largest overall turnout of all previous years. Due to the overwhelming support, there will now be two IFO events scheduled at National Trail Raceway in 2011. The FWD class was won by regional points leader, Jon Moore in his 98' Dodge Neon running a 10.517 @ 147.05 mph against Rob Pachner in his ‘83 Shelby running a 10.565 @ 138.63 mph. Jon managed to break the wastegate off his manifold in the 2nd qualifier. He put the…