The 2000whp twin turbo Viper at the K&N booth definitely stole the show! Other notables included Vaughn Gittin's RTR Mustang, UGR Murcielago Twin Turbo, iForged SL55 Widebody and the Wraptivo BMW M3 to wrap up our TOP 5 at SEMA!!!

Once again, PASMAG hit the concrete to bring you the very best of the performance aftermarket at a little show out  in the desert we call SEMA. The 2010 SEMA show was reported to be up over last year with more 11% exhibitors and judging by the jam packed show halls, the traffic was on par with years past. At peak hours it was difficult to move through the packed aisles and some of the hottest SEMA cars were mobbed with on-lookers. We wanted to round up the top 5 builds that really made a statement at the show and that list went something like this:


1. K&N Engineering 2000whp Twin Turbo Dodge Viper (above)

The Vaughn Gitten RTR Mustang in the Ford booth was a lot of Detroit Iron with some JDM flava

2. Vaughn Gittin's RTR Mustang Fastback


What else can we say about Underground Racing's Twin Turbo Lambos? They are insane and they break records, this Murcie was no exception!

3. Underground Racing Mobil 1 Twin Turbo Murcielago


Just seven weeks before SEMA this was a regular old SL55. But then iForged added a custom widebody and 375mm Pirellis and made this creation that looks better than an AMG Black Series!

4. iForged Wheels Mercedes SL55 Widebody


This M3 at the Wraptivo booth was  complete custom wrap overtop of a sexy widebody to attract a load of attention.

5. Wraptivo BMW M3 Widebody


Fans were treated to live shows in the proving grounds now located out front of the Convention Center. From Stadium Trucks to rock crawlers, several drift cars showed up for demos and even Ken Blocks' Gymkhana mobile tore it up. The outer lot was packed with more show cars than ever before and we saw several former PAS cover cars that were barely recognizable. With all kinds of new mods and paint schemes, cars like the High End 350z, Hybrid Evo and Kenny Vince's Civic were lookin' fresh for 2011 and beyond.


Inside the show many new prodcuts were brought to market and PAS Editors Dave Pankew and Mark Pereira we chosen to judge the new gear. With all kinds of new electronics and parts for the new plkatforms there was a lot to choose from and SEMA has also added a best new wheel section. Beyond that exhibitors were eager to show off what they had been working on and no exhibitor was more proud than Honda who had 10 customized CR-Zs on display, one of which was cranking out over 500whp!


The afterhours shenanigans were insane as usual. Although some legendary parties like CEC Wheels are no longer around the parties that have survived were off the hook. Every night there are several parties competing for attendance and if you schedule it right, you can hit all of them.


As quick as it began, it seemed it was Friday already and you had to rush to ensure you tied up all of those loose ends. With thousnads of photos and hours of video, we try to cut through the fludd and bring you the best of what SEMA 2010 had to offer and have already started thinking about what the upcoming year might hold.

Kinetik always has the fresh-faced honeys to display their battery line at SEMA


AEM's latest creation was at the Subaru booth complete with full Clarion install


One of two Eurostop E30 race cars stopped traffic out front


A pair of Subarus at the EnduraTech booth cought our eye and then we realized PAS featured them when they were different colors and setups!


Giovanna Wheels brought out some serious hardware including this custom painted 599!


For $69,000 this Forgiato Camaro SS could be yours, 24-inch wheels and all!


Repping the Sub-Compacts was this Focus RS with loads of Ford Racing gear


To demonstrate the new GTX series turbo, Garrett brought out this Time Attack STi


So fresh, so clean the Stom Trooper look is far from dead according to this Giovanna Phantom


After being on several covers, the High End 350Z has been reinvented once again.


Yes! the CRX, er I mean CRZ is back. The Honda Racing build version was on display.


The Ferrari 458 needs no introdcution and is currently regard as the most beautiful car in production. Pirelli fitted it with some P Zero Trofeo tires to attact the crowds.


Yes, this car used to be pink and it was on a PAS cover. But Kenny Vince's EG is all new and he has joined the High End crew!


The Time Attacker that just reset the track record at Buttonwillow! Sierra Sierra Evo in the Borg Warner booth


One clean S14 from Hybrid coming to a PAS issue near you.


This Time Attack R32 GT-R was running Enkei Wheels, KW coilovers and loads of Seibon gear.


SEMA Issue cover car 370Z was at the SPC booth, showing off all its suspension goodies.


James Eltermann's Time Attack Takata STi at the Hawk Performance booth


Top Gear is coming to the USA on the History Channel and was promoting the show with Exotic taxis!


Several CR-Zs in various states of tune were at the Honda booth. Hybrid performance has definitely arrived.


{yoogallery src=[/images/phocagallery/SEMA10] title=[SEMA Show 2010] width=[150]}

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