CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex

Drifting – 1st Place: Marin Guilbault
Drifting – 2nd Place: Riley Sexsmit
Drifting – 3rd Place: Brad Paauw

Time Attack

Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 1st Place: Mike McGinnis – New Track Record
Time Attack – Unlimited AWD – 2nd Place: Paul Loeffelhoz

Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 1st Place: Andrew Cassidy – New Class Record
Time Attack – Unlimited RWD – 2nd: James Kutschke

Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 1st Place: James Houghton – New Class Record
Time Attack – Unlimited FWD – 2nd Place: William Au-Yeung

Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 1st Place: Michael Harvey
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 2nd Place: B. Don
Time Attack – Super Street AWD – 3rd Place: Alex Li

Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 1st Place: Riann Van Vuuern
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 2nd Place: Michael Gardner
Time Attack – Super Street RWD – 3rd Place: Scott Shadbolt

Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 1st Place: Chris Boersma
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 2nd Place: Eric Lavigne
Time Attack – Super Street FWD – 3rd Place: Wilson Chan

Time Attack – Street AWD – 1st Place: Krishna Weyer

Time Attack – Street RWD – 1st Place: Vince Strati
Time Attack – Street RWD – 2nd Place: Jun Ann
Time Attack – Street RWD – 3rd Place: Tim Gaudry

Time Attack – Street FWD – 1st Place: John Silva
Time Attack – Street FWD – 2nd Place: Kyle Remus
Time Attack – Street FWD – 3rd Place: Luigi Montanez

CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex

Drag Racing

Bracket  – 1st Place: Clint McAdams
Bracket  – 2nd Place: Car #3042

Pure Street – 1st Place: Clint McAdams
Pure Street – 2nd Place: Robin Gelinas

Street Warz – 1st Place: John Wooley
Street Warz – 2nd Place: Justin Fraser

Super Street – 1st Place: Jason Velenosi
Super Street – 2nd Place: Jeff Misra

Pro Comp – 1st Place: Paul Bhawan
Pro Comp – 2nd Place: Imran Aziz

CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex

Show and Shine

Best of Show

1st: Rich Polsini (Infiniti G35)
2nd: Tom Franjic (Dodge Charger)
3rd: Marco Bifolchi (Nissan 240sx)

Speciality Awards – Best Of’s

Largest club: Street Impressions
Best Team: Team Toyo
Best Graphics: Vyacheslav Koval
Body: Tom Franjic
Interior: Marco Bifolchi
Engine: Andrew Tabone
Paint: Rich Polsini
ICE: Kyle Gibson
Judges Favourite: Jeremie D.

CSCS 2013 Round 2: Grand Bend Motorplex
Class Awards

4th Gen Civic: 1st: Jon Carey    
5th Gen Civic: 1st: Tracey Elliott
6th Gen Civic: 1st: Julian    2nd: Tony Ho
7th Gen Civic: 1st: Peter Wiebe    
8th Gen Civic: 1st: Derek Roias    
9th Gen Civic: 1st: Ty Brick    
Best Honda: 1st: Simon Lee | 2nd: Scott Moffatt
Best Acura: 1st: Marco Sardone | 2nd: Jimmy Chau
Best Subaru: 1st: Kyle Gibson    
Best Toyota: 1st: Patrick S.    
Best Mazda: 1st: Mark McKinnon | 2nd: Ryan Murry
Best Mazda 3: 1st: Peter C.    
Best Mitsubishi: 1st: Joshua Lai | 2nd: Bruce Lim
Best Nissan: 1st: Marco B.    
Best Infiniti: 1st: Rich Polsoni
Best Genesis: 1st: Nick Lamanna | 2nd: Sam Chen
Best Scion: 1st: Stephen T.
Best Volkswagen: 1st: Alex Culum    
Best Integra: 1st: Andrew T.
Best Euro Other: 1st: Jeremie D. | 2nd: Vyacheslav Koval
Best J-Body: 1st: Kevin Soper
Best Ford: 1st: Steve    
Best Domestic: 1st: Tom Franjic | 2nd: Daniel Danyluck
Best Cobalt: 1st: Crystal M.    
Best Truck/SUV: 1st: Chris Heath    
Best Mini Truck: 1st: Ed Stanton    
Best Bike: 1st: Kevin S.

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