Formula DRIFT presented by GoPro entered Road Atlanta for Round 2: Road to the Championship. Vaughn Gittin in the Monster Energy / Nitto Ford Mustang takes the victory moving him into second place in the championship standings.




Round 2: Road to the Championship marked the eleventh visit to Road Atlanta. The thousands of fans in attendance witnessed an action packed event weekend.




“It’s wonderful to see the growth in attendance each year at Road Atlanta, where we held our first Formula DRIFT event eleven years ago,” says Jim Liaw, President of Formula DRIFT. “The fans of the South are so passionate for the sport and we love coming to this venue.”


PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-240sx-Nissan-S14-Dave-Briggs PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Aasbo-Fredrick-Front PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Battle-Fredic-Aasbo-Vaughn-Gittin-Jr-Clipping PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Battle-Fredric-Aasbo-Vaughn-Gittin-Jr
PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Battle-Vaughn-Gittin-Jr-Fredric-Aasbo PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Falken-Tire-Darren-McNamara-No-Photos-Please PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Charles-Kaki-Ng PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Chris-Forsberg-Charles-Kaki-Ng
PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Danny-George PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Dave-Briggs-Nissan-240sx-S14 PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Drivers-Announcement PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Drivers-Meeting-Jarod

Vaughn Gittin fought his way to the top of the podium through tough competition to take his first victory of the season and move into second place in the point standings. Gittin matched up against Fredric Aasbo in the Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC in the finals. After a tightly fought battle Gittin was awarded the win. Chris Forsberg in the Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z rounded out the podium in third place to remain in first place in the championship.




“Tonight my team and I were truly one. We communicated and worked super hard,” said Vaughn Gittin, winner of Round 2: Road to the Championship. “These were some of the most hard fought battles that I remember ever having and it says a lot about our sport, where we are going and what we are doing. And I’m just super proud to be standing on the top step.”


PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Forrest-Wang-Daigo-Saito PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Forrest-Wang-Sideways PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Fredric-Aasbo-Scion-tC-Side PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Fredrick-Aasbo-Conrad-Grunewald
PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Geoff-Stoneback-Nissan-240sx-S14 PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Gittin-Jr-Vaughn-Robbie-Nishida PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Joon-Maeng-Lucas-Oil-Nissan-240sx-S13 PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Matt-Coffman-Nissan-240sx-S13


The 2014 Formula DRIFT season continues with Round 3 on May 30-31 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. For more information visit: and find Formula DRIFT on Instagram @formulad, Facebook and Twitter @FormulaD.







Formula DRIFT Professional Championship Presented by GoPro 2014 Standings After Two Rounds
1. Forsberg, Chris    Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z     173.00 Points
2. Gittin Jr., Vaughn    Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR    145.50 Points
3. Aasbo, Fredric    Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC     137.00 Points
4. Moen, Kenneth    Bridges Racing Nissan 240SX     135.50 Points
5. Pawlak, Justin    Falken Tire Ford Mustang     103.50 Points
6. Bakchis, Aurimas    Feal Suspension / Nitto Tire Nissan 240SX     102.00 Points
7. Wang, Forrest    Get Nuts Lab / Hankook Tire / STR Racing Nissan S14    93.00 Points
8. Essa, Michael    Essa Autosport / Yokohama BMW M3     91.50 Points
9. McNamara, Darren    Falken Tire Nissan S14    84.50 Points
10. Nishida, Robbie    Achilles Radial / Bridges Racing Lexus SC300     83.00 Points
11. Gushi, Ken    GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S V2    70.00 Points
12. Grunewald, Conrad    Megan Racing / Top 1 Oil / BRE Chevrolet Camaro    70.00 Points
13. Saito, Daigo    Achilles Radial Lexus SC430    68.50 Points
14. McQuarrie, Tyler    GoPro Mobil 1Chevrolet Camaro    61.50 Points
15. DeNofa, Chelsea    BC Racing Nitto Tire BMW 3-Series     57.00 Points
16. Tuerck, Ryan    Retaks Maxxis Tires Air Force PSI Scion FR-S     55.50 Points


Round 2: Road to the Championship Event Results
1. Gittin Jr., Vaughn    Monster Energy / Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR    Winner
2. Aasbo, Fredric    Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC     2nd Place
3. Forsberg, Chris    Hankook Tire Nissan 370Z     3rd Place


Manufacturers Championship Standings After Two Rounds
1. Ford    249.00 Points    
2. Scion    224.50 Points    
3. Nissan    209.50 Points   
4. Lexus    151.50 Points    
5. BMW    148.50 Points    


Tire Championship Standings After Two Rounds
1. Hankook    310.00 Points    
2. Nitto    247.50 Points   
3. Achilles    218.50 Points    
4. Falken    188.00 Points    
5. Yokohama    109.00 Points


PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Models-Umbrella-Girls PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Nissan-350Z PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Nitto-Tire-Models PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Ryan-Tuerck-Scion-FRS
PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Starting-Grid PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Tyler-Wolfson PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Vaughn-Gittin-Jr-Justin-Pawlak PASMAG-Formula-Drift-Round2-Braselton-Georgia-Road-Atlanta-2014-Larry-Chen-Vaughn-Gittin-Jr-Mustang-Rear

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