Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila

Years come and go, car shows live and die, we look back at the years and appreciate every step of growth we took.

We took the route of car clubs 8 years ago, an objective to unite all car clubs, an open ground for up and coming enthusiasts and a venue to showcase the best of the best show cars in the Metro.

That is the Bumper to Bumper Carshow.

Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila

On the opposite side of the world, a car show was produced as a lifestyle event with every inch of entertainment. A mixture of show cars and equal number of hot babes form part - the hottest carshow event all over USA.

It became a playground for all nationalities who are into cars.  It became the barometer of aftermarket upgrades in the car scene.

That is Hot Import Nights.

On March 24 and 25, HISTORY was made as Ladder Events Production, and Wave 891 produced the Hottest Carshow Event in the Philippines for 2012.

It is the first Hot Import Nights in the Philippines and also in ASIA. It was 2 memorable days of carshow, entertainment and imports.

Here are the numbers: 130 show cars (excludes the 12 show cars that did not make it to ingress on time) , 42547 in total attendance, 118,205 unique website hits and 319 foreign guests!

The 42,547 spectators for 2 days dwarfed the 2 halls of World Trade Center. An eye opener for more halls in 2013...

Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila

Press Conference

With this huge event, expectation was high.  The press conference was filled up with media and fans waiting for their chance to interview and take pictures with Arianny Celeste, Hiromi Kajikuma, Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco.

The expected 2 hour press conference was extended to 3 hours at the Midtown Atrium of Robinsons Place Manila.

Day 1

With anticipation, the crowd started to gather at 1130 in the morning.  An hour and 30 minutes away from the main opening.  At the peak of the noon sun, everybody patiently stood outside WTC.  The event opened its doors at exactly 12:45pm to accommodate everyone at the lobby and finally to the main halls at 1pm.

How can you start an event like this? Drift, Drive and Drift at the main driveway by lady drifter from Japan - Hiromi Kajikuma and local boy wonder - Gio Rodriguez.  The exhibition gave everyone a taste of Tokyo drift.

The afternoon was jampacked with music and activities all over the place. Then came MMA ring girl Arianny Celeste, import babes Nikita Esco and Jeri Lee fired up the venue with 4 photo opportunities at our presenter booths then finished up the afternoon in a meet and greet on stage.

Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila

VIP Night

Security tightened up when the clock strikes 6 as the 2 halls are occupied beyond capacity. (The organizers would like to apologize for the stoppage of entrance to the show and also to the sold out VIP tickets to the event. We made measures to contemplate on the situation but the building admin and police has to control the influx of the crowd) VIP tickets are all sold out, taken and only available at scalper's hand.

With 15 minutes of re-organization and rehearsals, the doors open to the HIN-VIP night with Wave 891 DJ's video mixing on stage.  The night did not fail the cameras and the DSLR's, as it did not fail the party mood of everyone in the building! With hot hot hot performance from Mocha Girls, the Top 16 finalists of Ms. HIN Manila, the bikini fashion show of the Repsol and Anzhal Babes and the Go-Go Dancing of Jeri Lee and Nikita Esco, the place is in HEAT!  This is where you can party with all of your favorite showcars and show babes!

Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila

Day 2

Families enjoy most part of Day 2 with 3 drifting exhibitions and raffle prizes. Meet and greet lasted for 2 hours on stage with 280 lucky patrons with posters autographed and pictures taken.

The awarding was delayed for almost 3 hours due to a very serious deliberation of the show cars.  Special thanks to our HIN-USA judges Mike, Wayne and Walter for carefully assessing the cars... as well as the babes!

These and all are part of our learning experience in the industry we put so much passion into.  There are no easy ways in producing an event that has all of these components; Carshow competition, Concert, Bikini Fashion Show, Dance, Music and DJ party.

We are humbled by all the support we received from everyone involved.  From the sponsors who believed, to the participants who joined and to the spectators who witnessed...  All of you form part of history, all of you form part of something first.

We will exert more effort to give you greater carshows, enhanced entertainment and better service to all. Our conviction is our passion, our pride is our drive.

We are looking forward to meet all of you in our nationwide campaign this year. We look forward and beyond 2012.

HIN 2 Manila in 2013,it's 3-3-3!

Hot Import Nights 2012: Manila