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Daytona Beach, Florida - IASCA Director of Operations Moe Sabourin was in Japan from July 19th to the 26th conducting a Judge's Training Seminar for Sound Quality. The training was held in Mishima City at the Mishima Convention Center, with more than 30 attending to become IASCA Certified Judges.

"The Japanese culture for car audio is all about making the installations look great and the cars sounding amazing" said Moe Sabourin "Their dedication to detail and the pursuit of top notch sound quality in their vehicles is astounding; they research every detail and apply it, and it showed in the vehicles at the training seminar."

The seminar included in class training as well as in car evaluations to test the attendees' abilities to properly evaluate sound in a vehicle. The training also focused on how IASCA's marketing programs are designed to help the industry grow through building a culture of educating the public. More than 20 of the attendees were retail dealers from across the country looking for new and innovative ways to gain exposure for their shops in their market area.

"The retailers were surprised to learn of the marketing opportunities available using IASCA competition" Sabourin continued to say "Many saw IASCA as nothing more than competition and were unaware of how IASCA can be a tool to increase exposure for them in their market area, allowing them to increase sales and build their customer base. The seminar showed them a different side of IASCA and they had many questions on how to make it work at their stores."

The first day of the seminar focused on the marketing possibilities while the balance of the training focused on properly evaluating systems for sound and installation quality and in car evaluations. "The Japanese market has been through some difficult times" stated Harry Omae, President of the Japan Car Audio Competition Association (JCACA) and owner of ES Corporation, distributors for JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate and many other major brands "But the seminar and training showed Japanese retailers how they can build their business through education and strategically positioned car audio events at their stores. The retailers who attended the seminar were very excited about the possibilities and we plan to implement these marketing programs with all our dealers. It's about helping our industry to grow so we all have a piece of a bigger pie, rather than taking a bigger piece of a smaller pie"

For more information on IASCA Worldwide, its affiliate countries and marketing opportunities, visit http://www.iasca.com or contact Moe Sabourin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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