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Extreme Dimensions Open House 2012

Extreme Dimensions is an industry leader in providing parts for people to style their car and take it to the next level; recognized across the globe as one of the premier aerodynamic manufacturers in the industry. We were expecting to see some amaz [ … ]

Import Face-Off 2012: Spokane, WA

Results from Spokane, Washington IMPORT FACE-OFF September 16th, 2012.

FWD presented by S.P.E.C. clutches and flywheels

Champion - Marmon, Cole - 9.430 @ 161.05
R/U - Gonzalez, Eddie

FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Motovicity Distribution

Champion - Kempf, James - 8.337 @ 180.03
R/U - Lund, Re [ … ]

DMCC 2012 Round 7: Sanair Racing Facility

The seventh and final round of the DMCC series took place at the Sanair racing facility south of Montreal. It is the first time DMCC has held an event at this track to minimize driver familiarity. The track layout was a simple but, a very exciting one that was made to have crazy tandem battles.

[ … ]
Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge

The 2012 Edition of the World Time Attack Challenge 2012 took place on August 10-11 at Sydney Motorsport Park (formerly Eastern Creek Raceway). Teams from England, New Zealand and Japan joined the Australians in their quest for the lowest track time. The event attracted amateur and professional te [ … ]

Import Face-Off 2012: Noble, OK 2


FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels
Winner – Aaron Lopez – Honda Civic – San Antonio, TX – 9.466 @ 164.08 mph
R/U – AHobbs – Honda Civic – Austin, TX – 13.877 @ 69.54 mph

FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Motovity Distribution
Winner – Max Ramos – Honda Civic - San Antonio, TX – 9.386 [ … ]