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Import Face-Off 2012: Fontana, CA

Results from Fontana, CA - 1-15-2012

Best Civic 2nd – Luis Eausin
Best Civic 1st – Loran Young
Best Other Honda – Dan Hinton - S2000
Best Acura 1st – Pedro Ramirez - Integra
Best Mitsubishi – Rickey Gandhi – Evo
Best Nissan – Gal [ … ]

Hot Summer Nights 2011

Delayed one week due to Hurricane Irene, September 3rd proved to be the perfect date for eXquisite Car and Truck Club’s show, Hot Summer Nights held at Quaker Steak and Lube in Fredericksburg, VA.  The parking lot was packed full of imports, domestics, mini trucks, lifted trucks, donks, performanc [ … ]

CES 2012

It seemed like the entire tech world descended on Las Vegas, Nevada in mid-January for the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES). More than 150,000 audiophiles, gaming addicts and gadget junkies, along with 3,100-plus exhibitors occupied 1.8 million square feet of real state, including various fac [ … ]

Import Face-Off: San Antonio, TX

Results from December 11th, 2011


FWD presented by SPEC clutches and flywheels


Winner – Stephens R – 10.56 @ 146.53


R/U – 10.74 @ 130.47


FORCED INDUCTION PRO presented by Go Autoworks


Winner – 9.94 @ 152.13


R/U – Toscano L – 10.14 @ 137.24

[ … ]
Street Life Tour 2011

The Street Life Tour seems to get bigger and better every year. For the past four years the sleepy town of Xenia, Ohio gets flooded with thousands of tuners and their cars for two days of absolute anarchy. Xenia’s local Kil-Kare Speedway acts as the stomping ground for all who dare to show their s [ … ]