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Import Face Off, Las Vegas, NV

JUDGEMENT DAY: The biggest, most anticipated grudge race in the history of Import drag racing took place this day when the fastest and quickest street Hondas raced each other for $5000, winner take all!  Tony “T1" Palo (Rowlett [ … ]

APR Motorsport Returns from Barber 200: Mission AccomplishedThe #171 VW DriverGear GTI MK6 Maintains Championship Points Lead While the Perfect Pedal Audi S4 Achieves Best Showing to Date and the #181 GTI MK6 Scores an 8th Place Finish

Ian Baas and Ryan Ellis keep their Championship fight alive by finishing in 4th place on the tight and technical Barber M [ … ]

Carlisle 2011

Redline Time Attack Fan Guide

Fresh off the Press! Get your 2011 Redline Time Attack Series Program at the next Redline Time Attack Event! For the event schedule, visit www.redlinetimeattack.com.
The Fara Race Series resuems June 4th, www.farausa.com

FARA: Round 4

When: June 4, 2011

Where: Homestead Miami Speedway

Category: Race Series

Description of Last Event:

As it gets closer to the half-way point of the year, things are just starting to heat up at the FARA racing events. On April 9, another racing day concluded with g [ … ]