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Pat Cyr was able to clinch yet another win at DMCC: Round 3 held at the beautiful Circuit Icar in Montreal. The technical course is perfectly smooth for long sustained sliding and is a highlight for drivers an fans being only 30 minutes outside downtown Montreal. As we head into Round 4, in Toronto the 1-2-3 sport are separated by only 55 points making for some stiff competition!

DMCC Round 3
Circuit ICAR
Montreal, QC
July 17-18, 2010


With the season at the half-way point it is becoming a real dogfight for the top spot. With Ontario Pat Cyr taking top spot in his privateer Corolla GT-S, the top points are still in the [ … ]

The 800km + trip got underway bright and early in the AM in order to arrive at the hotel near Englishtown Raceway in East Brunswick, NJ. This university knows how to party and the after-hours mayhem that went down is almost too hot to post!

Waterfest Kruise
Toronto -to- New Jersey
July 16, 2010

Each and every year, harcore VW and Audi nuts make the trek from Toronto to New Jersey for Waterfest. This year, the meet again started with a kick-ass breakfast courtesy of JRP in Mississauga before some free giveaways and the highly sought afte [ … ]

Traditionally Waterfest has usually had at least one day of torrential downpour (usually on Sunday) that added a second meaning to the name. However this year the weather was extremely hot, which was indicative of the massive amount of vehicles on display and in competition.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 16 years you'd know that Waterfest is the largest water-cooled VW and Audi show on the planet. VWAG(Volkswagen Audi Group) followers converge upon Old Bridge Township, East and North Brunswick for three days of VWAG show and go.


Traditio [ … ]

The Long Beach Convention Center is ideally situated for enthusiasts from all over the Greater Los Angeles area to attend. Halfway between the OC and Torrance, the venue was jam packed as SPOCOM recorded their largest ever attendance. And attendees were treated to a number of activities and attractions with some of the largest crowds gathering in front of the SPOCOM Model Lounge, PAS Mag booth and the Falken Tire booth to get a chance to meet some of the leading import models.

SPOCOM Super Show
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA
July 18th, 2010


The 4th Annual SPOCOM Super Show played host to hundreds of stunning show cars and over 200 of the hottest models in the business. The brain-child of huge parts distributor Pro-Motion, the SPOCOM show almost guara [ … ]


Number one qualifier, Chris Miller, from Long Island, NY had the entire FWD field covered by 9/10ths of a second.  To promote competitive drag racing and make the race more interesting, IFO put a $300 bounty on him during the event.  Award to be paid to anyone who took him out during eli [ … ]