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Droptec Show 'N Shine

Droptec Show 'N Shine

Mississauga, Ontario

July 21st, 2013


DMCC 2013 Round 4 Victoriaville

One of the most exciting stops on the DMCC schedule is the Victoriaville round. It is the event where DMCC takes an empty snow dump in the middle of Victoriaville and turns it into one of the best drift circuits in the series.

With the event being so popular, this year a lot more grandstands were a [ … ]

Formula Drift 2013 Round 5: Throwdown

Formula D threw down in Seattle, Washington for the fifth stop on the 2013 tour to perfect weather and a sold-out crowd. The Evergreen Speedway track has been on the schedule since 2006, and has provided some of the most dramatic finishes over the past several years. This year would be no different [ … ]

Dub Show Tour 2013: Chicago, IL

Best of Show 1st Place: 6’ Trophy $1,000  Ernesto Silva - Xplizit
Best of Show 2nd Place: 5’ Trophy $500  Paul Tolson – Team EST
Best of Show 3rd Place: 4’ Trophy $250  Anthony Shockwave – Shockwave

Best Lowrider of Show (6’ Trophy & $1,000): Reynaldo Rodriguez – Rollerz Only
Best [ … ]

SPOCOM USA Car Show Tour: Anaheim

The show of all shows, SPOCOM, took over the Anaheim Convention Center for the seventh annual event. In orderly fashion, the vendors set up and the show cars rolled in as a line of enthusiasts formed outside the ticket office anxiously waiting to see the modified beauties parked inside.

When enteri [ … ]