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Formula Drift 2013 Round 4: The Wall

Formula D ripped into the Wall, NJ 1/8 mile oval course for the fourth stop on their 2013 10th anniversary tour. Although the speeds at wall are the slowest of the entire circuit, the transition off of the 30-degree banking makes the track one of t [ … ]

Import Face-Off 2013: Kent, WA

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2013

KMS Drift: GCS Florida

The heat was on as KMS Drift slid back in to Florida with a packed house. Kicking off the event Friday night, the drivers were promised maximum seat time, and that is exactly what they got as they slid until it was too dark to see. As the sun came up Saturday, drivers rolled in to shred some tires a [ … ]

IFEST Vancouver 2013