Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 35

We have reason to believe that Drew Evans was one of those kids that saved big cardboard boxes for the sole reason of making them into make-believe spaceships. Exploring the great unknown is something that remained with Evans as he grew up, adding a fascination of constellations to his repertoire, and upgrading his spaceships from corrugated to Japanese metal – exclusive to the Nissan family tree.

A 1996 Altima SE would be the start to Evans’ manufacturer loyalty, which would then lead to an Infiniti G35 Coupe, an Armada, an FX50S, and finally the stellar 2013 G37 XS Sedan we’re focusing on today. A little-known fact about the G is that it was originally Evans’ wife’s car. With the exciting news that a third little one was on the way, Evans took over the G from his wife and sold the FX50 to buy a QX60 as their new family vehicle. In a way, we have Evans’ youngest to thank for us being able to enjoy this car in the first place.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 01

“I wanted to be unique, one-off, and one of a kind,” Evans says about his build direction. “I wanted a build that represented my vision, my theme from bumper to bumper, inside and outside. I have always been JDM enthused, and always will be.”

Immediately after snagging the once-white G37, Evans decked out the car with some basic bolt-ons to help him better enjoy the ride and score some points at a few shows he planned to attend. After acquiring “Best Infiniti” hardware at some events in 2014, the taste of competition proved to be a little too sweet for Evans to resist, and so he decided to go “full throttle – pun intended” (his words, not mine) on a fully-built car that would hit every checkbox on a score sheet, but with that one-off twist.

Now, we should probably address the widebody in the room. If you were thinking it, you’re right; they never made a Liberty Walk kit for the G37 sedan body style, only the coupe. So, how are you seeing what you’re seeing now? The answer is through lots of effort and fabrication work. The kit you see is the LB kit for the coupe, but modified to fit Evans’ sedan.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 08

“When I went to APAC to discuss the one-off Liberty Walk sedan idea, it was farfetched and a job that had never been done before.” Evans explains. “Hacking up the body of the car, and a brand-new Liberty Walk coupe kit from Japan had me sweating a bit; not to mention costs involved.”

Thankfully, the capable hands at APAC (Auto Performance Aesthetics Center) were able to reform the fenders to sedan length and mold them to the body to fill the gaps without Evans or his wallet having a stroke, as well as pair the widebody with a Carbon Signal diffuser and rocker skirts, Successful Automotive Bella duckbill trunk, and even NACA hood vents from a GT-R. The vents and the shade of Martian red from BASF (Carizza Candy Ruby Red Metallic, if you’re curious) on this G are evocative of a certain Infiniti with GT-R characteristics that never saw the light of day, and that’s exactly what Evans was shooting for.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 11

“Infiniti was due to release a Q50 Eau Rouge back in 2014,” he recalls. “At that time, I was very light on the build of the G, and had every intention of being an owner of one of these four-door beasts when they went to production. I was absolutely in love with the concept; an AWD sedan from Infiniti housing the 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 from the GT-R. When that fell through and was scrapped, that’s when the G build went full steam ahead.”

The G37 is an X model, so it already has Nissan’s ATTESA AWD system, but Evans would need a bump in power to bridge the gap between the Eau Rouge’s 560 horsepower VR38 and his stock VQ37 pushing 328 horses. Luckily, Stillen offers a Vortech V3 supercharger kit that could increase his output significantly with the help of a custom tune from R/T Tuning. After being tuned and dyno tested, Evans’ G was putting out 422 wheel-horsepower in RWD and 422 all-wheel-horsepower in AWD, which he can switch between via a custom VDC switch on his dash. Does Evans say “making the jump to light speed” every time he punches it? We sure hope so.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 27

Of course, any sort of spacecraft (especially an upgraded one) needs the appropriate landing gear to bring it back down to Earth every now and then. Evans sprung for the good stuff. Work S1 three-piece wheels, in 19x10.5 front and 19x12 rear, are wrapped just right with Toyo’s R888 tires in a meaty 295/30 and 325/30, front and rear, respectively. Providing the perfect amount of liftoff and touchdown is AirREX’s fully-digital air suspension system. In tandem with SPC camber arms and some custom fabrication done to the front strut towers for more low, the G37’s fenders sit perfectly.

In the cockpit, Evans’ Edirb 032 Prestige captain’s chair provides a comfy seat for deep space cruising, lighting the way with his custom ONEighty black housing headlights with ominous quad “demon eye” projectors. Exact Art has done a fantastic job on the upholstery in the interior, with charcoal Alcantara and that same red from Mars accented throughout. The crowning achievement would have to be the illuminated star headliner, which also follows through into the trunk.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 14

“I'm an astronomy nut, hence my car's nickname, ‘Mars.’” Evans reveals. “The trunk liner is all zodiac signs of my wife and children. The headliner is all winter constellations.”

Also in the trunk, sit twin Alpine Type-R subwoofers in 12-inch sizing in an integrated custom enclosure, with over-fender-like covers arching over them. The twins are fed by Hifonics’ monstrous Brutus monoblock amplifier, providing 1,500-watts of clean power. It’s all definitely enough to add an out-of-this-world rumble to any commute.

Now that the dust has settled and Evans has this truly one-of-a-kind car, one could totally ask if this was all worth it. And you could ask every single one of Evans’ 44 awards that he’s garnered over the 2016 show season. Before he sets his sights to infinity and beyond, he’ll first tackle the largest stage that Earth has to offer: the 2017 SEMA Show. We recommend you see this car before it takes off to win trophies across the galaxy.

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 02

With 68% of the Popular Vote, Drew Evans was the winner of the PASMAG Tuner Battlegrounds award category competition at Elite Tuner: Import vs Domestic in Philadelphia, PA on September 18, 2016.

Vehicle: 2013 Infiniti G37 XS Sedan
Owner: Drew Evans
Location: Holland, PA
Engine: Nissan VQ37 3.7L V6
Horsepower: 422 AWHP (451 WHP)
Torque: 347 LB-FT
Built By: R/T Tuning
Club Affiliation: Timeless Motor Group, National G Club

Facebook: Drew Evans
Instagram: @drewjevans

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 21

Stillen/Vortech V3 supercharger
Stillen (polished intake manifold, 606330R grounding system)
FrozenBoost water-to-air intercooler
Turbosmart Kompact dual-port 25-mm blow-off valve
K&N air intake
HKS (M45HL Super Fire Racing spark plugs, limited edition engine caps)
West Coast Fasteners (hardware, stainless steel braided hoses)
ECUTek (RaceROM tuning software, speed density sensors)
Custom AWD/RWD VDC switch
Mishimoto coolant overflow tank

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 33

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 30

GTHaus Meisterschaft (cat-back exhaust system, custom 130-mm exhaust tips)
Fast Intentions Resonated high-flow cats

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 24

Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels – 19x10.5 -8 (f), 19x12 -13 (r)
Toyo Proxes R888 tires – 295/30 ZR19 (f), 325/30 ZR19 (r)

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 26

Akebono BBK – 4-piston (f), 2-piston (r)
Slotted & drilled brake rotors – 32-mm (f), 20-mm (r)
StopTech (stainless steel brake lines, Street Performance brake pads)

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 25

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 04

AirREX full digital management air suspension system
SPC Suspension camber arms (f/r)
Cusco sway bars
GTSpec strut bar
Custom front strut tower for extended lowering

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 22

Bodywork by APAC
Graphics & decals by Effex Graphix
BASF Carizzma Candy Ruby Red Metallic paintjob
Liberty Walk widebody customized to fit sedan bodystyle

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 28

Infiniti (Sport bumper, Sport chin lip, JDM LED turn signal mirror cover 4D, LED Hyper DRLs)
Nissan GT-R NACA hood vents
Carbon Signal (rear diffuser, V1 side rocker skirts)
Successful Automotive (Bella duckbill spoiler, side skirt extensions)
Access Evolution side mirrors

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 29

ONEighty (custom black housing headlights, quad LED orb halos, quad RGB demon eyes)
Ghozt Lighting LED modules (rear signal, brake light)
Custom engine bay RGB & LED strobes
TRS projector LED fog lights
Diode Dynamics (8000k HID driving lights, exterior LED lighting, turn signal LED lighting)

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 07

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 31

Edirb 032 Prestige reclining race seats
Cusco 4-point racing harnesses
NRG harness bar
TommyKaira LE shift knob
Nissan GT-R push-to-start button

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 17

Carbon Fiber Element steering wheel
Tanabe Revel VLS gauges
Ortiz Custom Pods gauge pods
Custom air setup w/ false wall & LED lighting
Diode Dynamics interior LED lighting

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 18

ExactArt (custom upholstery, illuminated star headliner, RGB interior effect lighting)
LED Glow Million Color SMD LED underbody lighting kit

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 19

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 12

Alpine Type-R 12-inch 4-ohm subwoofers (2)
Custom trunk subwoofer enclosure
Hifonics Brutus 1,500-watt monoblock amplifier
Shuriken 600-watt reserve batteries (2)

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 13

Auto Performance Aesthetics Centre, ExactArt Fabrications, R/T Tuning, ONEighty Customs, Toyo Tires, F.A.S.T. - Family Automotive Service & Tuning, Effex Graphix, AirREX Digital Air Suspension, GintyFab, Oakes Detail, Meguiar’s, TredWear Tire Graphics, Chris Whelan Custom Engine Kits, Japan Auction Parts, BASF, LED Glow, DnD Custom Autobody, Creighton’s Auto, Stillen, Race Consulting Agency, SoFresh Lifestyle & Apparel, Carbon Signal, Smokin Moe’s, Ghozt Lighting, Diode Dynamics, RavSpec, Penn Autobody, Intercity Concepts, Nick’s Blasting & Polishing, HighEnd Performance, Tanoshi Lifestyle, High Intake Performance, Concept Z Performance, West Coast Fasteners

Contributors: Ranger Ramirez / Elite Tuner

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Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 34

Drew Evans Infiniti G37XS Tuner Battlegrounds PASMAG 05

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