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As we get older, our tastes gradually change until we settle into what we’re going to like for the rest of our lives. You could take this as literally as taste in food, like a distaste for tomatoes when you were younger that became a meal staple later in life, or even as taste in fashion, as I’m willing to bet that there aren’t nearly as many princesses and dinosaurs on your clothes now than there were before (not that I’m judging if that’s still the case – good for you). In the automotive world, which is made up of so many different styles and subgroups, it’s a playground to immerse yourself in to discover which direction you’d like to take your build, and sometimes, it takes a few builds to get to where you want to be. It’s like the best kind of trial and error.

Starting out, Justin Wallace cut his teeth building the usual suspects in the tuning scene, and eventually found his way to a car that he’d go all-in on. His first project was an EG Civic Si, which Wallace describes as “nothing serious,” but it seriously sparked something. The alluring fun factor of rear-wheel-drive came calling from overseas next, as Wallace imported a RHD 180SX from Japan in 2004. This car would be his first “serious build,” and when it was complete, it caught our attention in 2007 enough for us to warrant setting up a feature in the magazine. Unfortunately, before a single photo could be snapped, the S13 show car was stolen and has since never been recovered.

Reeling from the loss of a car that he’d put his all into, Wallace started a search for a new platform in a different state of mind.

“The goal was to have a daily driver that was all show and all go,” he exclaims. “After the loss of my first project, which was only driven to and from shows, I told myself never again; the next car will be driven, show car or not!”

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 01

That daily driver would end up being a 2000 Lexus GS300. Luxurious leather, power everything, comfort, and quiet – the ideal formula for a workday warrior. At this point, we often hear the same batch of lies at PASMAG from nearly every owner who has just bought a car as a daily; “I was going to keep it stock, maybe change the wheels, and get a tint, but I wasn’t looking to seriously modify it!” Wallace wasn’t lying to himself whatsoever when he picked up his GS, as he planned to swap out the comfort-tuned three-liter inline-six 2JZ for the less-well-behaved GTE version from the get-go.

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 09

If you’re going to rip out a perfectly good engine for another, you may as well get some parts on the new one before you slap it into the bay. For Wallace, he made sure to toss in Tomei adjustable cam gears, a full suite of Greddy cooling gear, an ARC Super Induction air intake, and some HKS goodies, like their “Defencers.” The GS has two HKS Defencers: Fuel Cut, to raise the factory fuel cut level to increase boost pressure, and Speed Limit, which unlocks the speed restrictions on the 2JZ-GTE to allow for speeds over 112 miles-per-hour (180 km/h). This land yacht moves at a quicker pace than before, that’s for sure.

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 12

While that all sounds great, Wallace was after a luxury land yacht, so he’s gone around the GS sprinkling LEDs, crystal, chrome, and extra leather wherever it will fit. A prime example of this is the Garson D.A.D VIP gear that takes up residence in the interior, like the custom front table, coaster sets, crystal chains, velvet door curtains, and glittery shift knob. Grace Executive Diamond Edition leather covers adorn the seats and start the black and red diamond-stitched theme, while VIP’d Out neck pads, belt pads, and assorted cushions add to the lounge look and feel. Draped between the rear seats is a “Wiserhood” banner that displays the words “The Society of Uncompromising Men,” which kind of encompasses VIP as a whole, doesn’t it?

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 14

And what kind of a lounge doesn’t have a lounge singer? You may have heard of the one that frequents Wallace’s place – they go by the name “Alpine.” Situated snugly in the trunk, under some plexiglass, are a four-channel and a monoblock amplifier, rimmed by LEDs. This duo powers the twin 12-inch Type-R subwoofers on either side of the trunk, as well as the four 5.25-inch Type-R components in the cabin.

“My car has gone through a few different body kits, but there has always been one on my mind,” says Wallace. “It’s super clean looking, highly sought after, and rare. The price tag was the only thing holding me back.”

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 02

Eventually though, when you want something enough, your wallet finally caves to the pressure. For Wallace, the pièce de résistance for his GS300 is the Phantom aero kit from Mode Parfume - a fairly rare Japanese aero kit producer. While the Phantom kit results in a clean and classy look, Wallace has accentuated the lines and flow of the Lexus with custom metal Baby Bear Gangster vented front fenders, a Junction Produce roof spoiler, and a custom carbon fiber diffuser. Of course, no VIP build is complete without the appropriate amount of LED lighting, as evidenced by the black chrome housing headlights that play host to retrofitted Infiniti Q45 projectors and custom-built chasing LED acrylic taillights, while every other bulb on the car has been replaced by Monarch LEDs.

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 05

For going out shoes, the GS wears custom-finished Weds Kranze Vishunus in 19x10 in the front and 19x11 in the rear, and to get them properly fitted, it takes a team. As the sedan was going to be getting low, the roll center was adjusted 30 millimeters, which allows the SPC front upper control arms and TCS rear upper control arms to safely tailor the stance while at whatever height is set on Wallace’s air suspension system. Said system is made up of Air Force bags, Accuair VU4 valve unit, Dakota Digital management, dual Viair 444c compressors, and a five-gallon air tank.

“I’ve been into cars even before I could drive,” says Wallace. “Back in the early ‘90s, in my high school years, I would read tuner magazines and just be amazed by how you could take something ordinary and build it to your liking. The only thing that influenced this build were generations of VIP builds in Japan.”

After running the gamut of tuning entries, Wallace has found something that resonates him, and has reinvigorated his build bug. No more uncomfortable seats or loud exhausts – he’s moved up to the land yacht life, and with a daily driver that looks this good and performs and shows even better, we think his taste has found exactly where it wants to settle for good.

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 07

Vehicle: 2000 Lexus GS300
Owner: Justin Wallace
Location: Richmond, BC
Engine: Toyota 2JZ-GTE 3.0L I-6
Club Affiliation: Team Empire

Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine swap
ARC Super Induction intake
Koyorad Racing aluminum racing
GReddy (aluminum radiator pipe, aluminum pulley set, Type-LS intercooler w/ pipe kit)
Gates Racing (timing belt, serpentine belt)
Tomei adjustable cam gear
HKS (SSQV IV blow-off valve, EVC5 boost controller, Speed Limit Defencer, Fuel Cut Defencer)
10-row oil cooler

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 10

Drivehard Performance custom axle-back exhaust
Custom 3-inch down-pipe w/ cat delete

Getrag transmission swap
13-row transmission cooler

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 06

Weds Kranze Vishunu wheels – 19x10 (f), 19x11 (r)
Achilles ATR Sport tires – 235/35 R19 (f), 265/30 R19 (r)
Lexus LS400 front calipers
StopTech (cross-drilled/slotted rotors, stainless steel braided brake lines)

Air Force (shocks, airbags)
Accuair VU4 solenoid valve unit
Dakota Digital height & pressure controller
Viair dual 444C compressors
5-gallon polished aluminum air tank
30-mm negative roll center adapter
SPC adjustable front upper control arms
TC Sportline adjustable rear upper control arms

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 04

Mode Parfume Phantom aero kit
Baby Bear Gangster vented fenders
Junction Produce (roof spoiler, billet grille)
Grazio & Co. black chrome trunk garnish
Toyota (Crown chrome door handles, Aristo window visors)
Custom carbon fiber rear diffuser
Fusion Autoworkz brushed steel bonnet
Custom black chrome housing headlights
Infiniti F50 Q45 projector retrofit
DRL LED switchback strips
Custom chasing LED (fog lights, taillights)
Monarch LED (license plate lamp, mirror housing, blue wide angle mirrors, puddle lighting system, crystal smoked front side markers)

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 11

Garson D.A.D (custom front table w/ LED tunnel, Luxury Crystal coaster set, 2-way table ring, coaster LED light kit, Luxury Crystal shift knob type glitter, mirror type glitter, mink crystal chain, Luxury Crystal starter ring, luxury curtain type velvet frill, door inserts type monogram)
Grace Executive Diamond Edition seat covers
VIP’d Out (neck pads, square cushions, long cushion, seat belt pads)
Lexus (IS350 retrofitted paddle shifters, GS300 Kouki steering wheel airbag, GS300 Kouki chrome shifter bezel, GS300 Kouki gauge cluster bezel)
LED illuminated door sills
Brushed titanium vinyl wrapped dash panels
Silver carbon fiber (door panels, center console, ashtray, steering wheel)

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 13

Pioneer AVIC-X930BT head unit
Alpine (MRD-M500 monoblock amplifier, MRV-F540 4-channel amplifier, SPR-50C 5.25-inch Type R component speakers (4), SWR-1221D 12-inch
Type-R subwoofers (2)
Custom trunk enclosure
Lexus ES350 back-up camera

Full feature of Justin's 2000 Lexus GS300 can be seen in PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Style Book Vol. 5. Click here to order.

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 15

Justin Wallace 2000 Lexus GS300 PASMAG 08

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