01 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

Joe Simon had been a Volkswagen enthusiast as long as he could remember, and had owned numerous VWs before picking up his 1992 Volkswagen GTI. The the car appealed to him enough that he wanted to see just how far he could take the platform. Admittedly, Simon says he wasn’t really into the body style until he started changing it up a little bit, but the way the car handles like a go kart was enough to keep him interested as he built it.

02 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

A big challenge for Simon was the fact that very few aftermarket parts were available for the platform, which meant he had to get creative whenever he ran into a part without aftermarket support. Thanks to his friend Alexi Angelatos at CTS Turbo, he was able to come up with a custom exhaust, as well as a custom ECU map to run his Vortech supercharger smoothly.

03 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

The entire ethos of the build was to keep things clean and sleek, to maintain a classy old school cool look while modernizing the car’s drivability in any way he could. Even though his car looks great inside and out, Simon says that his favorite thing about the build is that he can enjoy the time spent working on it with friends, building it for himself instead of for social media.

PAS 2018 150 Aug Sept Cover web

Joe Simon's 1991 VW GTI is featured in PASMAG #150

Owner: Joe Simon
Location: Surrey, BC
Vehicle: 1992 Volkswagen GTI

Facebook: Joe Simon
Instagram: @joeschmoez

04 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

VW VR6 engine swap
Vortech V9 supercharger
Cold air intake
Custom CTS Turbo ECU

09 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

Custom cat-back exhaust
Auto Tech muffler

VW Corrado VR6 drivetrain

05 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

Rotiform TMB 3-piece wheels – 16x8.5 -12 (f), 16x9 -8 (r)
Falken 512 tires – 205/40/16 (f/r)

ST Suspension coilovers
Auto Tech sway bars

07 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

Porsche Polar Silver paint
Shaved side moldings/badges
Custom wide G60 OEM flares
Single front wiper swap
Single Rounds badgeless front end
Hella magic color blue taillights

06 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

Sparco steering wheel w/ quick-release
Recaro Pole Position bucket seats
Scroth 4-point harnesses
CAE gated shifter
Stripped interior
Half cage
Suede headliner and pillars

08 Joe Simon 1992 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG

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