02 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG v2

When Ricky Eaton picked up his 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 AMG, he knew he wanted an audio system that could compete at IASCA events, but he also wanted to maintain the car’s factory warranty.

04 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

“It’s a lease vehicle so wiring and install was very tricky - we had to relocate multiple fuse blocks without damaging or destroying any factory connections,” he tells us. “The build had to be approved by a Mercedes tech when finished to avoid voiding the warranty.”

03 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

Thankfully for Eaton, he enlisted the help of Chris Pate of Mobile Toys Inc, the 2017 Installer of the Year. Pate designed, fabricated and installed the audio system at Mobile Toys Inc, and the entire thing was approved by the Mercedes tech team.

06 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

With carefully chosen audio components, as well as some rare things like the Satori drivers, the audio system sounds crisp and clean, even at the highest volume. With the system finished, Eaton’s goal of a 4-door European sport sedan that can blast tunes has been reached.

PAS 2018 150 Aug Sept Cover web

Ricky's 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 AMG is spotlighted in PASMAG #150

Owner: Ricky Eaton
Vehicle: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 AMG
Location: Magnolia, TX
Engine: Mercedes-Benz 3.0L V6

Renntech ECU tune

AWE Tuning exhaust

01 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

Nitto GS 555 tires – 245/40/18 (f), 285/35/18 (r)

BC Racing coilovers

08 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG 09 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

AMG grille
Carbon fiber (mirrors, Z type spoiler, door handles)

05 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

IB wall enclosure
Hybrid Audio Clarus C15Sw 15-inch subwoofers (2)
Illusion Audio C8 8-inch mid-bass drivers
SB Acoustics Satori (MW16p-8 6.5-inch mid-range speakers, TW29BN-B Beryllium tweeters)
XS Power 3100 battery
Stinger (fuse holder, 0-gauge main power wire, distribution blocks)
Helix MK2-Pro processor
Mosconi (AS 300.2 amps (2), AS 200.4 amp)

07 Ricky Eaton 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 AMG PASMAG

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