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PASMAG_sony_2011_scion_tC_1The PASMAG Scion tC audio build is done, but before we show you what we did to the rest of the car, we’re going to tease you with a step-by-stop of how the entertainment system came to fruition. A shout out to Frank ‘Crazy’ Valenti and the crew at 20Hz Audio Video and Security for the work and to Sony and Stinger for the product support.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the final pics – we’re saving those for a full feature coming soon!




Step 1

The interior of the car was stripped in preparation for the installation of power, signal and speaker wiring. The rear speakers have also  been installed.


Step 2

The walls for the subwoofer enclosure and amp rack have been cut to conform to the floor of the car.


Step 3

The exterior walls of the subwoofer enclosures have been put in place and bottom panels are cut and temporarily installed.


Step 4

The bottoms of the enclosures are fiberglassed into place to ensure maximum strength for and a perfect airtight seal.


Step 5

The top of the amp rack was put in and the amplifiers mocked in place for accurate placement and measurement.


Step 6

A layer of Hushmat Ultra sound deadening covers the entire rear seat and hatch floor of the Scion. This ensures the vehicle will be nice and quiet.


Step 7

The doors were treated to another layer of Hushmat. This layer helps to seal the doors to maximize speaker performance, as well as reduce exterior noise transmission.


Step 8

The subwoofer enclosures have been removed from the car and the top panels installed.