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Driver Profile: Marc Landreville 2012 DMCC Champion

It was a pretty crazy season for the DMCC series. New drivers, tight battles and Mother Nature played into a championship that went down to the wire at the final round of the season. DMCC veteran Marc Landreville and his trusty JDM S14 took home the championship title by only a few points.

Landreville's car saw its share of tight battles and scrapes with the wall, but his car was always solid and ready for the next round. A crowd favorite with his hardcore driving style, Landreville’s 550 hp SR20VET and rally inspired anti-lag set up not only sounds like a pop corn machine from hell, it spits fire too. What's not to like? We asked Marc a few questions about his championship winning season. Here is what he had to say.

What was your best moment this season?

Best moment was my victory in round five. I got second place at a few previous events and taking home a win felt good. Winning the overall championship was great too!

What were the worst moments?

Round three in Toronto when my rear knuckles broke, knocking me out early. I ended up finishing fourth which was a shame because the car was running great all day.

Who did you like competing against the most?

Tom Tom was the most fun to tandem with. We would often run each other in practice; he has a similar style and would run the same lines. I'd also bug his sister after our tandems.

Who was the hardest battle?

Hardest battle was in round seven against Jeff Laflamme. The track was a simple lay out and it was pretty easy to get proximity, which made it hard for the judges to find a clear winner. It went to two “One More Times” and that’s when my engine decided to let go, giving the win to Jeff.

Driver Profile: Marc Landreville 2012 DMCC Champion

What was your favorite track this year?

The Autodrome St-Eustache is my favorite track because of its high speeds and technical corners with the added danger of the walls.

Plans for next season?

For next season we are going to push to get the championship a second year in a row and head out to the states to try our hand at some FD events.

Are you changing your car for next season?

We are currently building an RX-7 but we will only decide what car we are using after some test days.

Driver Profile: Marc Landreville 2012 DMCC Champion

How does it feel to finally take home the championship?

After three seasons in DMCC and coming a hair from taking home the championship, it feels great to finally have it under my belt.

People you would like to thank?

I’d like to thank my team. Michel Durocher, Maxime Baller, Frederic Marineau, Patrick Briand, Enrico Mastroluca, Denis Landreville, Lucie Bergeron. My girlfriend Lisa Masse who did the design of my car, flyers and other hero cards, as well as my sponsors.


From day one, Landreville has been a contender in the DMCC series. Even in his first pro event in the series he showed his skill, taking the second podium position. With new drivers and cars coming into the mix in 2013, it won’t be easy for Landreville to double down, but he definitely has the talent to do pull it off.

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