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Year Established: 2003
Website: www.ScionEvolution.org
Facebook: “OFFICIAL: Scion Evolution Fan Page”

Twitter: “scionevolution”
Locations / Chapters: Chapters in lot of states. Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Puerto Rico

Members: Hundreds of members in various chapters. Over 20 members in the North Florida chapter alone.

Team Sponsors: Keith Pierson Scion, Taco Tiro and Ocean Aire Graphics are their local sponsors. The club itself has numerous sponsors who are constantly bringing great deals to members. They range from Scion Specific companies like Scion Sport Tuning and bBist, to major import scene players like Five Axis and Turn 3 Clothing. We are supported by Scion and a lot of other companies.


Club / Team History: The main club started in 2003 to give Scion owners an enthusiast club dedicated to them. In 2004, the Florida chapter was formed from a range of owners who took pride in there Scions. The result is Scion Evolution North Florida chapter. “We are a core group of owners who are into the scene and modding our whips. We got bored just hanging out in parking lots and chilling’ out. We started doing stuff like track nights, drive in movies, BBQ’s and the like. Now, after 2 years, we attend and compete in car shows and still do the car club thing 2 times a month. At first when we started, mods and parts were hard to come by and relatively expensive. Now that Scions have been out for a minute, the opportunity is there to really personalize your ride. We have officially evolved into what we are today,” says Scion Evolution. This club also hosts an annual car show called Sibling Rivalry. They have officially organized the event two years running with tremendous results. This year they gave away well over four thousand dollars in prizes, had over 140 cars and over 400 spectators! They are excited about doing it again for the third year

Awards / Accomplishments: Their team members have won many awards, dominating all of the local shows. They also have won a few awards at the popular Scion Exposed events in Daytona and Miami. Nationally the club has more awards than we can list.


Media Coverage: Scion commercials, various magazine ads, Scion tC training video, Sibling Rivalry on Scion spin DVD Volume 3, numerous magazine and online features.

Shows Attended: Every Single one you can think of. Period. We are Soldiers.

Community Involvement:
They have done “Trunk or Treats,” often donating time to help the needy, and attending charity car shows. Nationally the club has done “Toys for Tots,” and varying other community and family based programs.

Future Plans: They plan to continue attending as many events as possible and to take their own Sibling Rivalry show to a new level.

Organized Meets: They meet two times a month in North Florida at each one of their sponsors, each chapter has its own meeting schedule though. Nationally they all meet up at car shows that are in the vicinities of each others chapters.

Club Vehicles: Only Scions!

Membership / Modeling Details: Visit www.ScionEvolution.org to join.


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