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Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz

ESSENTIALS // Year Established: 2003 • PASNATION Team Username: Team Xcessive Speedz • Locations / Chapters: Oregon/Washington
• # of Members: 13 members • Website: • President / Founder: Kevin Krieger

Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz

Introduction: We are a car club based out of Portland, Oregon with members in the states of Oregon and Washington. We are currently looking at our options to expand out after having a great 2010 season and are getting ready for 2011!

Club / Team History: Team Xcessive Speedz is a car club based in Oregon that was started by Kevin a.k.a Dark Pony in 2003. We are a car club, not a business. Our members know they can openly express any comments or concerns about the club and they will be heard. We do not force members to build there cars any other way than how they want. Team Xcessive Speedz is about quality, not quantity. Once a potential candidate has shown they are dedicated to becoming a TXS member, we help them in anyway we can with the process of building their cars. All members are family, and we will back them up in any way we can.

Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz

Awards / Accomplishments: Hundreds of awards, both individual and team.

Media Coverage (feature / articles): Our cars can be seen in numerous magazines, from feature articles to reader rides.

Shows Attended: Many shows a year that are both local and national.

Community Involvement: Won “Most Charitable Club” award two years in a row at PDXmas car show, collect toys to donate to children’s hospital, have hosted two car shows with all of the proceeds going to children’s hospital.

Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz

Future Plans: Expand into more states.

Organized Meets: Meet once a month
at various locations.

Club Vehicles: Acura Integra, Porsche Cayan, BMW, Corvette z06, Scion TC, Honda s2000, Dodge Neon, Honda Prelude, Plymouth Duster, Hyndai Tiberon, Mazda RX-8..

Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz Car Club Spotlight: Team Xcessive Speedz

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