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Tuner of the Week: trendkiller

Owner name: Brian Bullock

Location: Lebanon, OH

Vehicle: 1996 Honda Civic

Car club affiliation: Team Function Motorsports

What events have you competed in? Import Alliance, Import Face-Off, Street Life Tour and WekFest Chicago.

What will your next performance modification/upgrade(s) be? Fire suppression and fuel cell.

“All show”, “all go” or both? Why? All go because racing is the inspiration for everything in the car hobby, even show cars now have full cages and built engines.

Any Shout Outs? To my wife Tina, Goose, Grandma, Charles and Skip McCusker, Built Motorsports Wear, Rex at Weld-Rite, Miguel at Wilwood, Mike from Top1 USA, Team Function Motorsports and anyone else I forgot.

Tuner of the Week: trendkiller Tuner of the Week: trendkiller
Tuner of the Week: trendkiller Tuner of the Week: trendkiller

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