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The Essentials
Owner: Sherill Roberts
Location: Tulsa, OK
Vehicle: 2009 Nissan GT-R

Wheels & Tires

Asanti AF154 20-inch chrome wheels

Audio & Multimedia

Fiberglass enclosure by Chris Pate at Car Toys

Airbrushing by Care Free Paint in Tulsa, OK

Focal FP 1.800 subwoofer amp

Focal 21WX Utopia BE 12-inch subwoofer x2

Focal FP 2.150 mid-bass amp x2

13WS Utopia BE 6.5-inch speakers x4

Focal Dual Monitor mid-range amp

Focal 6 WS Utopia BE mid-range speakers

Focal Utopia BE tweeters

Focal 3 WS Utopia BE center channel

Focal Polyglass IbsVSlim

JL Audio Cleansweep


Kinetik HC1800 battery

JL Audio speaker & power wire

Hooker distribution blocks.


Focal GTR_opt


The trunk was then fitted with some serious Focal Audio gear to power the system past competitors. Stacked in the center of the trunk area is a Focal FP 1.800 subwoofer amp driving twin Focal 21WX Utopia BE 12-inch subs. The mid-bass is driven by a Focal FP 2.150 powering up a quartet of Focal 13WS Utopia BE 6.5-inch speakers. For the midrange and the highs, a Focal dual monitor amp was delegated to drive the Focal 6 WS Utopia BE speakers in the doors, the Focal Utopia BE tweeters and a Focal 3 WS Utopia BE as a center channel. The rear fill was selected to be a Focal Polyglass IbsVSlim and the whole setup is orchestrated by a JL Audio Cleansweep unit. Although, the factory CD, DVD and navigation system was used, the multimedia factor has been pumped up by a hardwired Playstation for movies and games. The entire system is lit up by a Kinetik HC1800 battery connected with JL Audio speaker wire and Hooker distribution blocks.

Sound, style, performance, there isn’t much more this GT-R really needs. Well, other than a good thrashing at the track but for now Roberts says it’s just to pretty to abuse. She spends her down time detailing it and just gawking at it in her garage.