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Like all serious Supra builds, the focus started under the hood. The 2JZ-GTE motor was extracted and torn down in anticipation of new parts. The block was full machined, balanced and blueprinted before the cylinders were bored and plugged with JE Pistons forged pistons and H-beam connecting rods by Carrillo.

When it comes to bold moves from the Japanese automakers in the sports car arena, you don’t have to look much further than the Toyota Supra. Sure, the Skyline GT-R was causing the most damage on touring car circuits around the world, but the Toyota Supra claimed respect in even the most hardcore domestic groups. While the car debuted in 1993 with only 320hp churned from its 3.0L twin turbo mill, it was really only an estimated figure. A Supra produce up to 600hp without rebuilding the motor. On the track the Supra was respected, on the street it was feared and on a rolling start was nearly unstoppable, regardless of the competition.

Using the Titan adapter harness, the 2JZ put down an impressive 1080whp at 40psi, proving that for streetable power, Supras lead the pack.

Since its debut, aftermarket companies started manufacturing parts for the Supra knowing that it would be an instant classic. Some companies even built their entire reputation on tuning them and none is more recognizable than Titan Motorsports out of Orlando, FL. Supra owners from around the globe turn to them for technical advice, performance parts and, of course, their outstanding fabrication and tuning. Chris Miester, also of Orlando, didn’t have to look far when it was time to build up his 1994 Supra – all of the pieces were right in his own backyard.


Like all serious Supra builds, the focus started under the hood. The 2JZ-GTE motor was extracted and torn down in anticipation of new parts. The block was full machined, balanced and blueprinted before the cylinders were bored and plugged with JE Pistons forged pistons and H-beam connecting rods by Carrillo. Titan techs then pulled off the head in anticipation of a full port and polish job and new valvetrain to create a Titan Stage 4 Street Head. A full Ferrea valvetrainmeister-prev-01 was added along with Titan 280-degree cams and then bolted back down using ARP studs.


From there it was all about the gear that when bolted on would push the 1000whp boundary. A big single was spec’ed out using a Precision Turbo GT4582R T4 dual ball bearing snail. The 82mm unit was bolted to a Virtual Works exhaust manifold rocking dual Precision 46mm wastegates. The spent gas dumps into a Titan Motorsports downpipe and a Titan 4.5-inch stainless steel exhaust. The fuel has been ramped up with a pair of Weldon pumps and massive 1200cc injectors all connected with stainless lines. The compressed air heads out of the turbo into a network of polished Titan intercooler piping and GReddy 4-row intercooler. The charge air heads to the Ross Machine intake plenum and the Accufab 90mm throttle body.


When it came time to tune, Titan decided to run with MoTeC to make the Supra haul. They tuned it around the industry’s best kept secret, E85. The emerging ethanol has become a solid alternative to premium gas and even race gas with its inherent cool-burning technology. Using the Titan adapter harness, the 2JZ put down an impressive 1080whp at 40psi, proving that for streetable power, Supras lead the pack. The driveline, however, needed a boost and that came in the form of an exotic Tilton triple plate clutch and a TRD LSD. The cryo-treated transmission spins up a Titan driveshaft that will hold the power.


All of that power would be a useless without meister-prev-16addressing suspension and traction issues. The Supra is a 3700-pound car, and this heavyweight needs all the help it can get to turn a corner. The factory dampers were pulled in favor of KW Suspensions Variant III coilovers. These highly adjustable coilovers keep the Supra connected to the ground, while the Titan Motorsports sways eliminate roll.  The rolling gear was also bumped up with HRE 893R forged alloys in 19x9-inch up front and 19x11-inch in the rear. The wheels were wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport tires on all four corners for extra grip. Lurking behind the spokes are binders from StopTech. The Trophy kit consists of a 6-piston / 355 rotor up front with a 4-piston /355mm rotor in the rear.

Outside the Supra didn’t need much to make a statement. The body has been stripped and repainted in several coats for a deep black finish you can get lost in. The front bumper features a Wings West lip and the balance is all OE Toyota with the exception of a custom Maranello-style hood scoop and smoked markers.

meister-prev-07 meister-prev-11 meister-prev-19

Read on for Full Specs




The interior however, is far from stock. Miester was looking for something that appeared OE but was decidedly more exotic Since the car is limo-tinted to keep the South Florida rays out, you have to crack a door to see it in all its glory. The Sparco Milanos were custom upholstered with rich black suede and a striking diamond stitching pattern. The suede extended onto the doors where the diamond stitch pattern is even more dramatic. All around the cabin, top grade leather and suede surround the driver right down to the sun visors. No street driven Supra would be complete without at least a some bump in the trunk and that comes in the form of twin Alpine Type R subs measuring 12-inches each. All connected to an Alpine amp and a factory headunit, the Supra has enough audio to get the nod from us.


With almost 1,100 ponies at the wheels and a sleek body that would rival some of the grand touring Italian coupes, Meister’s super gets noticed. The bling under the engine bay is second to none and when it comes to interiors, it is high impact without being over the top. Since we have been close with Titan for almost 10 years now, we know exactly what to expect from their work and the balance of the car is just that good.


Owner: Chris Miester
Location: Orlando, FL
Vehicle: 1994 Toyota Supra
Power: 1080whp



Toyota 3.0L 2JZ-GTE Inline-6


Titan 2JZ-GTE motor
JE Pistons forged pistons
Carrillo H-beam rods
Titan Stage 4 Street Head
Ferrea valvetrain
Titan 280-degree cams then bolted back down using ARP studs.

Precision Turbo GT4582R T4 dual ball bearing turbo
Virtual Works exhaust manifold
Precision 46mm wastegates x2
Titan Motorsports downpipe
Titan full 4.5-inch stainless steel exhaust
Weldon pumps and massive
RC Engineering 1200cc injectors
Titan intercooler piping
GReddy 4-row intercooler
Ross Machine intake plenum
Accufab 90mm throttle body.


MoTeC M800 with Titan harness
Tuned by Titan Motorsports

Tilton triple plate clutch

Titan Driveshaft



HRE 893R forged alloys
f: 19x9-inch
r: 19x11-inch
Yokohama Advan Sport tires
StopTech Trophy kit 6-piston/355 with 4-piston/355mm



KW Suspensions Variant III
Titan Motorsports sway bars


Wings West lip
Smoked markets
Glass projectors


Custom suede interior


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