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    Then it was time to complete the audio and multimedia install. Martin contacted Jeremy Brenner of Harman Consumer, the parent company of JBL Car Audio, to pick the right gear. The install started with a Clarion flip-screen LCD unit and it’s all JBL from there on in. The lows head to a JBL Kappa1 1600.1 mono amp where the signals are amp’ed up to the subwoofers. The JBL GTO 10-inch subwoofers fire outwards to create quite a disturbance inside the cabin, being mounted right in the center console. The mids and highs come amplified courtesy of a JBL Kappa 1 125.1 4-channel to drive the JBL GTI 6.5-inch components in the doors. With an innovative install and top grade components, the sounds can only be described as stunning.


    Owner: Andy Martin
    Location: Miami, FL
    Vehicle: 1949 Ford F1



    Ford 302ci 5.0L Mustang


    Trickflow valvetrain

    BBK throttlebody

    Ford Racing F-303 cams

    MSD ignition

    MSD wires


    Mustang Cobra ECU


    Tremec T-54 5-speed

    Moser axles

    Ford Racgin LSD



    Budnik Ozone wheels 20x9 & 20x11

    Pirelli PZero 245/40R20 front and 295/30R22 rear

    Wilwood 4-piston / 330mm



    Custom bash

    Custom billet cluster

    VDO gauges

    Custom center console

    Suede headliner

    Leather seats by Teas Design



    Clarion flip-screen LCD
    JBL Kappa1 1600.1 mono amp
    JBL GTO 10-inch subwoofers
    JBL Kappa 1 125.1 4-channel amp
    JBL GTI 6.5-inch components x4

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