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We are not sure at this point if this prototype R34 kit will ever make it to market. With the ability to legally import R34s into Canada only three years away, this could make the inexpensive 25GT-t very attractive. One could argue that this Final Konnexion car trumps the look of a GT-R anyway. With this kind of horsepower on tap and enough space in the wheel wheels to perhaps fit a 315 mm tire, Ishikawa-san and I might just be talking in the future.

The Essentials

Owner Akihiro Ishikawa
Location Tokyo, Japan
Vehicle 1999 Nissan Skyline 25GT-t
Power 690 hp (est.)


RB25DET 2.5L Inline-6 Turbo


HPI Intake

Brian Crower 2.85L Stroker Kit

Brian Crower Forged 79mm Crankshaft

Brian Crower 87.5mm Pistons

Brian Crower 4.783” 625+ connecting rod

Brian Crower Valve Springs

Crian Crower Titanium Retainers

Brian Crower Stage 3 Camshaft

Legalis Super R Headers

Fujitsubo Exhaust System


AME Shallen Wheels

F: 20-9.5-inch -9 (with 20mm spacer)

R: 20-10-inch -17 (with 35mm spacer)

Toyo R1R Tires

F: 235/30R20

R: 245/30R20


Final Konnexion “Stealth” Suspension

Swift Springs


Final Konnexion Wide Body Kit Prototype

4-inch Wider Rear Fenders

3-inch Wider Front Fenders