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PASMAG | PERFORMANCE AUTO AND SOUND - Mashup: 2005 Nissan 350Z - Page 2 free porn videos
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Suspension Kit Suspension Kit

The six output channels of the Bewith State feed six Bewith Accurate A-110S 100W monoblock amplifiers. Each amplifier is connected to a single Bewith Confidence series speaker. At the top of the doors are C-50II 5cm tweeters, while C-130II 13cm midwoofers are located at the bottom. The rear ‘parcel shelf’ is home to a pair Confidence series woofers which are mounted in sealed enclosures. The midwoofers and subwoofers feature illuminated perimeter lighting which makes them really stand out.

Mashup: 2005 Nissan 350Z Mashup: 2005 Nissan 350Z Mashup: 2005 Nissan 350Z

Kameda thanks the hard work of Body Shop Kikuta for the body and paint work, NEWING for the custom interior and audio system, JATS for the air suspension, PROVIDE for the audio system tuning and Brain Trading for the VIP Modular Wheels. Unlike many of the builder’s lists we print at the end of each feature, these are not Kameda’s sponsors. They are simply the shops that he paid to bring his vision to reality. When asked why he chose to evolve Mashup: 2005 Nissan 350Zthe previous show-winning car into something new, Kameda told us that, “the value was not in the fame of the car, but in the spirit. I use the same car and try to achieve a higher goal. I love the surprised look I get when I tell people that this is the same car. It’s not just about the trophies or fame, but the love of keeping my car looking cool.” There is no way to top that.


Vehicle: 2005 Nissan 350Z

Owner: Shinich Kameda

Location: Japan

Engine Displacement: 3.5L (VQ35)

Engine / Drivetrain / Performance

Engine Code: VQ35

Turbo or Supercharger: Super charger – HKS

Air Filter & Intake: HKS

Exhaust System

Exhaust: DAMD

Exhaust Tip: Fairly Design

Wheels / Brakes / Suspension

Wheels: VIP Modular Forged Wheel, VXS210 & VXS110

Front & Rear Wheel Size: 22x10

Rear Wheel Size: 22x10

Tires: Pirelli PZero Nero

Front Tire Size: 245/30 ZR22

Rear Tire Size: 295/25 ZR22

Front Rotor Size: 430mm Two Piece Slotted

Front & Rear Brake Calipers: CSD 6-Piston

Rear Rotor Size: 400mm Two Piece Slotted

Suspension Kit

Suspension struts or shocks: Stock shocks with Universal Air Complete High Speed Air

Springs: Universal Air Bags

Exterior / Chassis

Body kit / ground effects: Fairly Design for Porsche Panamera

Front & Rear Bumper: Fairly Design

Fenders: One-off

Other modified body parts: Rear ends extension

Headlights & Taillights: Panamera Turbo


Upholstery: NEWING

Steering Wheel: Isotta

Additional Interior Components: Swarovski decorations made by T-Factory

Head Unit: Bewith Mirror Media MM-1

Pioneer Carrozzeria DEH-P940

Processors: Bewith State

High Freq. Amps: Bewith Accurate A-110S

Subwoofers: Bewith Confidence

Mid Bass: Bewith Confidence

Tweeters: Bewith Confidence

Special Thanks:

Body Shop Kikuta from Nara, for the body works and paint job. NEWING located at Hyogo for the interior custom and audio installation, JATS from Kanagawa for the Air Suspension installation, PROVIDE from Kanagawa for the audio fine-tuning. Brain Trading, from Kanagawa for the VIP MODULAR Wheel distributer. All shops located in various areas in Japan.