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PASMAG | PERFORMANCE AUTO AND SOUND - Thunder from Down Under: Nissan 180SX X 2JZ - Page 2 free lesbian videos
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Thunder from Down Under: Nissan 180SX X 2JZ

Model: Nissan 180SX
Built by: Simon Podlewski
Location: South Australia, Australia
Engine: 3.0 L 6-cylinder 2JZ
Horsepower: 710 WHP

Engine Modifications

Engine swapped for 2JZ customized with 6 cylinders by Rhemac Performance
Ferrea stainless valvetrain
Titanium retainers
Garrett GTX 35/40 turbo
Tial external wastegate
BMC cone filter
PWR intercooler
LS2 electronic throttle
MoTeC M800 ECU
Bosch (2,200 cc/min fuel injectors, 044 fuel pump)
Wilwood remote brake bias adjuster


6Boost exhaust manifold


Crower connecting rods
T56 six-speed manual transmission
PPGearbox dog engagement gear set
Xtreme twin plate clutch
Nismo two-way LSD

Thunder from Down Under: Nissan 180SX X 2JZ
Chassis / Suspension

MCA dampers
Whiteline swaybars
Ikeya Formula (adjustable arms, knuckles, steering spacers)

Wheels / Tires / Brakes

ROH Modena wheels – 18x10.5 (f/r)
Hankook Ventus TD Z221 tires (f/r)
Alcon six-piston frontcalipers
Brembo GT-R rear calipers and rotors
Ferodo DS3000 brakes pads (f/r)
Hydraulic e-brake


Silvia S15 front end conversion
Widened front fenders
Front splitter
Rear spoiler
Tubbed wheel wells


Passenger and rear seat delete
Custom multi-point roll cage
OMP Racing 320 mm Carbon S steering wheel
Velo podium bucket seat
MoTeC LCD dash unit
Custom instrument binnacle


Infinity Signs
Hankook Tires
MCA Suspension
Rhemac Performance