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If you have been reading PAS over the last few years, you will know about Team ETC. The Elite Tuners of Canada program builds graced the pages of the PAS SEMA issue for three years in a row. As the team transitions into building domestic V8s, we wanted to take a closer look at their latest creation, a new Camaro SS. Now this isn’t your average Camaro and owner. Serge Leger is quick to point out that it is more than a multi-layer paint job and deep dish wheels.

With more than triple the factory horsepower, the driveline and chassis needed extensive work.

Like all of their creations, Team ETC opted to go with turbo power to get their project noticed. The big LSX 454ci crate motor was introduced late last year but has had more jam put into it courtesy of a massive Turbonetics 91mm hybrid turbo. This snail is good for over 1000 ponies and has the supporting mods to do it. The turbo is fed by custom tubular exhaust manifolds along with a pair of Turbonetics 45mm wastegates to regulate the boost. From there, the 5-inch custom stainless steel downpipes lead into dual exhausts that exit on both sides from custom oval tips. On the chilled side, air is hauled into custom piping that heads to a polished twin front mount, which is fused together. The charge air is vented with a pair of Turbonetics Duo 35mm blow-off valves when the throttle plate attached to the massive sheet metal intake slams shut. The fuel is delivered courtesy of twin Aeromotive A1000 pumps pushing race gas through Earl’s SS lines and regulated by an Aeromotive FPR then dispensed through eight 2150cc injectors.

Leger took his time perfecting the engine bay by hiding or removing everything he could. A massive wire tuck put all of the factory wiring out of sight. Leger relocated the fuse box, ignition coils, ABS uni6390_1709t, air bag sensor and all of the reservoirs were either concealed or taken out. All you can see is an engine capable of producing  quadruple-digit numbers. As with the Cadillac he built in 2008, Leger estimates the power to be 1,400whp with 900lb-ft of torque when the car is completed.

Putting that kind of power to the ground was not an easy road. With more than triple the factory horsepower, the driveline and chassis needed extensive work. The car has been back halved with a custom carbon fiber tub while the factory rails were extended and strengthened. In order for the Moser 9-inch rear end to work with the new suspension it had to be modified. An all custom multi-link suspension was crafted underneath the Camaro, using QA1 coilovers. From there the attention turned to the driveline where a custom driveshaft was fabricated and Moser axles were installed.

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