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    Cherie Mikells BMW M6

    Cherie bought this car back in 2008. Her husband always had custom wheels on his cars so she wanted to do the same. After a few years, things went a little crazy, and the car became built to what you see here. It first started when Cherie wanted mo [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: La Bouakham

    Owner: La Bouakham
    Location: Phoenix, AZ. USA
    Vehicle: 1995 Nissan 240sx

    There's nothing ordinary to La Bouakham! She has a thing for fast, modified cars; it gives her a good adrenaline rush whether it's going sideways on the track or going at high [ … ]

    Marie-Andree Ayotte

    Owner: Marie-Andree Ayotte
    Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Vehicle: 1997 Honda delSol

    Ayotte bought this 1997 Honda delSol in 2004 from a car dealership in Quebec. It was her very first car and in 2005 and, when s [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: Jerald Yutadco

    Owner: Jerald Yutadco
    Location: Glendale, CA., USA
    Vehicle: 2002 Acura RSX Type S
    Car Club: RoyalFlush
    Horsepower: 250

    Jerald's one of a kind ride is a dream come true for him.

    Check out Jerald's full profile at Tuner Battlegrounds

    Think you have [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: Sukh Aujla

    Sukh Aujla
    Location: Vancouver, BC. Canada
    Vehicle: 1980 Nissan Skyline C210

    Sukh had this Skyline imported from Japan. It's built to be a reliable daily driver, classic looks with modern luxury.

    Check out Sukh's full profile at Tuner Battle [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: John Butiu

    John Butiu

    Location: Hawthorne, California

    Vehicle: 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe

    Car Club: R-Rydes

    Horsepower: 280

    John Butiu went to school at the Art Center College of Design, majoring in Transportation Design / Car Design, which is what got [ … ]

    J13 7161-2-3020x2010

    OWNER LOCATION VEHICLE CAR CLUB HORSEPOWER WEBSITE Jonathan Rossi Sudbury, ON. Canada 1993 Honda Del Sol SI  N/A 205 N/A



    After buying this ride to learn to drive stick, Jon soon realized that stock [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: Jeff Major

    OWNER LOCATION VEHICLE CAR CLUB HORSEPOWER WEBSITE Jeff Major Sudbury, ON., Canada 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5s
    N/A 170 N/A



    After the birth of his daughter, Jeff tried to be responsible, but eventually thoug [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: Ross Mckay

    OWNER LOCATION VEHICLE CAR CLUB HORSEPOWER WEBSITE Ross Mckay Rockwood, ON., Canada 2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Hellabrokewhip$ 225 Car Club




    After a few grand on repairs and modifications, Ross plan [ … ]

    Tuner of the Week: John Ferreira

    OWNER LOCATION VEHICLE CAR CLUB HORSEPOWER WEBSITE John Ferreira West Orange, NJ., USA  2006 Honda S2000 N/A 400  N/A



    John wanted to build something that would make him happy; a great all around [ … ]