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February/March 2012February/ March 2012

February/March 2012

This is it, it’s finally here. The issue we’ve all been waiting for. I guess you could say PASMAG has finally made it to the Century Club. All binge drinking metaphors aside, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader over the past eleven years for their love and support. It is you guys that make us drag our asses out of bed each morning and sit in traffic to pour our hearts and souls into the magazine. And just think, when issue 101 hits newsstands, it’ll be Spring!

We’ve saved the ‘Best of the Best’ (see cover…told you) for the 100th issue. The editor’s here are confident enough to have chosen the all-time hottest PAS models, best whips, best gear, and so on. If our pages could induce overdose, they would.

To start things off, we discovered one hell of a Frankenstein for your cover car, the adept “Mashup” – a sleek Nissan/Porsche hybrid, “the perfect harmony of Japanese ingenuity and European styling.” Five more aw-inspiring features round out the pages, including a Nissan 370Z and a couple rides from DMCC and FD. Boom!

We rounded out our events coverage with the final shows of 2011, which were some of the best. Not only did we include SEMA, but ImportFest Montréal, the CSCS Finals, and Hot Summer Nights, amongst others.

February/March 2012


Ah SEMA, the biggest and baddest of car shows. We’re pretty sure it blew spectator minds and these people are still wondering the Vegas desert, drooling and occasionally shouting out where they wandered away from: “Seeeeeeemmmmaaaa, seeeemmmmaaaaaaa…”


February/March 2012


Gary Springgay and the boys at Cogent Audio Labs have put the latest and greatest products to the test, no BS! This time ‘round we get the low-down on the Sony DSX-S310BTX Receiver and the Hertz Digital Power Amplifier.


Welcome to install heaven! This milestone issue has four brilliant upgrades including the epic “Final Chapter” in the Scion tC series. Also included, a BMW 645Ci big brake upgrade, an HSD coilover install on the Kia Forte project car, we’ve so cleverly titled, ‘Project Forte,’ and finally the beginning of the 2012 Honda Remix 2.0 project. Honda has given PASMAG another Civic and Accord for us to tinker with, which we will be rolling out over 2012. We begin with the new, 2012 Honda Civic Si audio upgrade by the Geeksquad at Best Buy. I even made a video. See you in April!


Keep your eyes on the prize!


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