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April/ May 2014


All in the Family: How a Vision of SEMA Supremacy Became Reality

16.01 Salik Zaki

Salik Zaki's journey to the top of the Tuner Battlegrounds Competition has been nothing short of determined. Entering into the first-ever Tuner Battlegrounds competition, the kid from Boston was about to embark on a year-long competition against the top 64 tuner cars from throughout North America with dreams of going big. His Scion xA is a definite break from the ordinary.

Konig Calender Model: Gloria Touch

Gloria Touch


Need for Speed: Interview with Aaron Paul and Director Scott Waugh
Need for Speed: Classic Game gets the Hollywood Treatment
PASMAG was recently afforded the opportunity to sit down with the driving forces behind Need for Speed, Director Scott Waugh and Aaron Paul, the film's leading man and star of Breaking Bad, the acclaimed TV show that ended its run last fall. In Need for Speed, which is based on the popular Electronics Arts game franchise, Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a racer who climbs behind the wheel of some of the most awesome performance machines ever to clear his name, honor a friend's memory and win the biggest underground street race in the world.

Legends: Stephan Papadakis' 8-second Civic

Legends Series: Drag Racer, Driver, and Innovator

We pause our amazing, regularly-scheduled automotive parade for a momentary look into the past; back to a time before the Internet, before the dawn of cellular telephones, before email, before aftermarket parts were only a mouse click away. We felt a need lately to investigate the dawn of the import car craze, to locate and interrogate figures wh0've been there, done that, and set achievements so high they're still talked about today.