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PASMAG #137 June-July 2016 Cover USA

The Quest for Power.

There comes a time in every car owners’ life when you want more power. For me, since I own an FR-S, it's every time I have to go uphill. And with the aftermarket as it is today, th [ … ]

PASMAG 2016 Tuning Essentials Style Book 3rd Edition Cover

Style is an aspect in the automotive sphere that has been totally reinvented by enthusiasts in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that some of the more impressive VIP builds were considered the pinnacle of vehicular style. We’re not saying  [ … ]

PASMAG 136 April May Cover USA

What is a "Tuner?"

"Tuner” is a word that’s used quite a bit in the scene and industry. It’s used to describe a small batch of enthusiasts, namely the ones in the Japanese sport compact niche. The word “tuner” brings back memories o [ … ]

PASMAG Tuning Essentials Car Audio 5 Cover USA

Loud Noises. You love your car audio. We get it. Welcome, friend. Our Car Audio Upgrade Guide - 5th Edition - special issue is upon us once again, and as always, it delivers tips, tricks, advice, reviews and the hottest products out there at the moment.

Garry Springgay, our [ … ]

PASMAG 135 February March 2016 Cover USA

We’re back from Las Vegas and after nursing our aching feet (some of us hangovers) and sorting through the business cards we got at the trading card game that is the SEMA Show, we’ve got some great stuff for you and some exciting news.

Let’s do th [ … ]