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PASMAG Tuning Essentials Ultimate Performance Guide, 3rd Edition

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. We all like going a little fast now and then, right? Who are we kidding; we’re all a little guilty of having a lead foot. Well, it’s a good thing you picked us up because this i [ … ]

PASMAG 133 October November 2015 Cover USA

We are the Champions! If you couldn’t tell from the cover, we’re pretty excited about Anthony De Guzman and his one-of-a-kind Supra finally getting their cover. He’s the champ after all. Beating out all other competitors, he’s joins the ranks of Salik Zaki and his [ … ]

PASMAG Tuning Essentials Mobile Electronics 4th Edition Cover USA

Start Your Wish Lists. If you love your sound as much as we do, then you’re probably as stoked about this issue as we are. Our Mobile Electronics special issue is upon us once again, and as always, it delivers everything you’ve wanted to know about the M.E. world fr [ … ]


August / September 2015 (Issue #132)

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Pre-order your copy now at

PASMAG Tuning Essentials: Japan 1st Edition Cover USA

Somebody Call The Fire Department! Warning! This issue is so smoking hot that it may spontaneously combust.

And, when there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. In fact, Chris Nicholls, the newest member of the PASMAG team, caught up with the legend hims [ … ]