"There are so many benefits in this job. The pampering and undivided attention is most enjoyable! (smiles) An exciting lifestyle of independence and absolute freedom from the mundane is a tribute to this game. I also like the fact that I’m able to set my own hours (smiles)."


Birth date: July 21
Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer
Measurements: 34 / 23 / 34
Nationality: Filipina / Chinese
Hometown: Las Vegas
Turn-ons: A fly, gentleman rough neck that has his priorities straight
Turn-offs: I cannot stand liars and bad hygiene
pet peeves: Please do not smoke cigarettes around me
Hair & Makeup by Valerie JC (


PAS: Francine, we have been your fans forever, how long have you been modeling?


Francine Dee: I’ve been in this game for more than a hot minute and still relish every moment of it.


PAS: How did you get your start in modeling?


Francine Dee: I’m from LA! Who isn’t a model or actress in that city


PAS: Describe yourself in three words.


Francine Dee: Strong, stern, sweet.


PAS: Tell us your likes or dislikes about modeling?


Francine Dee: I have my off moments where all I want to do is hibernate at home, and not come into the “office” (a.k.a. shoots, appearances, etc.)


PAS: What is the strangest photo shoot that you’ve ever done?


Francine Dee: Nothing is strange to me! A quick search online should confirm this.


PAS: What is your top unfulfilled fantasy?


Francine Dee: For a strong, devoted man to tame me and cherish all of me!


PAS: What physical feature would you change if you could?


Francine Dee: I’m very content with what I have, aren’t you?
PAS: Do you enjoy posing nude?

Francine Dee: Duh! Hell ya. It makes me feel sexy and liberated each and every time.


PAS: What trait do you like most about yourself?


Francine Dee: I’m a free spirit that loves and respects life. I am very thankful for that.


PAS: What traits do you dislike most about yourself?


Francine Dee: I am excruciatingly sensitive and quite emotional... geez, I can be such a girl sometimes! I also run late for everything, but I’m working on getting better with time.


PAS: Tell us about your first kiss?


Francine Dee: OMG! I was in 8th grade scared as hell about having someone’s tongue in my mouth. I read magazines and asked friends how it was done. When the time came, it was all good. Been kissing hardcore ever since. Holla!


PAS: How do you keep in shape?


Francine Dee: Thanks for noticing! (laughs) I live well, eat well and make sure I get enough rest. I make sure to keep my body and mind active.


PAS: On what occasion do you think it’s ok to lie?


Francine Dee: Never! It’s a coward’s way out.
PAS: What three items would you take to a deserted island?


Francine Dee: A fully-loaded yacht, 20 close friends and an unlimited supply of 45spf sunblock!


PAS; What is your favorite type of food?


Francine Dee: Sushi! Salmon (with no wasabi), miso soup, hot tea and green tea ice cream... 2 scoops please!


PAS: If you had one wish, what would it be?


Francine Dee: Since there are no with stipulations, I would wish for endless wishes (winks).


PAS: What do you like to do for fun?


Francine Dee: It varies from minute to minute, spontaneity is thrilling in itself.


PAS: What can a guy say to make you melt?


Francine Dee: How about not say anything at all (laughs).


PAS: How do you seduce a guy?


Francine Dee: Each person evokes a different scenario. That’s what makes seduction so alluring (winks).


PAS: Have any of your fantasies become reality?


Francine Dee: I try to make each one a reality after all we only live once.


PAS: Do you have a boyfriend?


Francine Dee: I have lovers that satisfy my wants and needs.


PAS: Any upcoming projects?


Francine Dee: Well, my crib has been fitted with three webcams (my shower, my bedroom and my living room) that are streaming 24-7. It’s a voyeur’s paradise and I welcome you into my life, come visit me at


PAS: Do you have any shout outs or last words?


Francine Dee:Of course, much love to the team at PAS Magazine, it is always a pleasure working with such talented people like you. To my own camp, especially David Grieshaber and The P, thank you for your support and love through out the years. Now let’s get back to work! Muah!

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